Faculty Directory

School of Arts and Sciences

Art and Art History

Photo: William J. Otremsky

William J. Otremsky

Professor of Art
Department Chair

Phone 863.680.4224
E-mail wotremsky@flsouthern.edu

Photo: H. Alexander Rich

H. Alexander Rich

Assistant Professor of Art History
Art History Program Director
Director of the Melvin & Burks Galleries

Location 208 Humanities Building
Phone 863.680.4223
E-mail arich@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Samuel Romero

Samuel Romero

Associate Professor of Art

Location 116 Humanities Building
Phone 863.680.4222
E-mail sromero@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Kelly Sturhahn

Kelly Sturhahn

Associate Professor of Art
Foundations Program Director

Location 306 Humanities Building
Phone 863.680.3018
E-mail ksturhahn@flsouthern.edu

Art and Art History Adjunct Faculty

Eric Blackmore

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.4743
E-mail eblackmore@earthlink.net

Sarah Brewington

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.4743
E-mail sarahdbrew@gmail.com

Beth Ford

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.4743
E-mail bethfordart@verizon.net

Elyse D. Justice

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.4743
E-mail egerstenecker@flsouthern.edu

Patricia K. Lamb

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.4743
E-mail plamb@flsouthern.edu

Joseph Mitchell

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.6259
E-mail jmitchell@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Susan Banks

Susan Banks

Assistant Professor of Biology

Location Polk Science 136
Phone 863.680.4325
E-mail sbanks@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Celina Bellanceau

Celina Bellanceau

Instructor of Biology

Location 144 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4490
E-mail cbellanceau@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Christopher Brandon

Christopher Brandon

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Location Polk Science 140
Phone 863.680.4353
E-mail cbrandon@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jamielyn Daugherty

Jamielyn Daugherty

Visiting Instructor in Biology

Location 8636806299
E-mail jdaugherty@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Bryan Franks

Bryan Franks

Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

Location 140 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4351
E-mail bfranks@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Brittany Gasper

Brittany Gasper

Assistant Professor of Biology

Location Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4998
E-mail bgasper@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Laura Habegger

Laura Habegger

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Location Polk Science 138
Phone 863.680.3970
E-mail lhabegger@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Eric Kjellmark

Eric Kjellmark

Professor of Biology

Location 127 Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.6284
E-mail ekjellmark@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Gabriel Langford

Gabriel Langford

Associate Professor of Biology

Location 130 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4318
E-mail glangford@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Melanie Langford

Melanie Langford

Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

Location C202 Berry Science
Phone 863.680.4580
E-mail mlangford@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore

Visiting Instructor of Biology

Location 102 Polk Science
E-mail tmoore@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Nancy Morvillo

Nancy Morvillo

Professor of Biology
Department Chair

Location 126 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.6240
E-mail nmorvillo@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Kristian Taylor

Kristian Taylor

Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

Location Polk Science 129
Phone 863.680.5088
E-mail ktaylor2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Christy Wolovich

Christy Wolovich

Associate Professor of Biology

Location 139/Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.4316
E-mail cwolovich@flsouthern.edu

Chemistry and Physics

Photo: Deborah Bromfield Lee

Deborah Bromfield Lee

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Phone 863.680.4316
E-mail dbromfieldlee@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jarrod F. Eubank

Jarrod F. Eubank

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Phone 863.680.4199
E-mail jeubank@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Carmen Gauthier

Carmen Gauthier

Professor of Chemistry
Department Chair

Location 217 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4320
E-mail cgauthier@flsouthern.edu

Photo: An-Phong Le

An-Phong Le

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Location 219 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4132
E-mail ale@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jason Montgomery

Jason Montgomery

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Location 218 Polk Science
Phone 863.680.4322
E-mail jmontgomery@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Ronald Pepino

Ronald Pepino

Assistant Professor of Physics

Location 214 Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.3776
E-mail rpepino@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Shameka Shelby

Shameka Shelby

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Location PS 213
Phone 863.680.4128
E-mail sshelby@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Malcolm Manners

Malcolm Manners

Professor of Citrus Science
Program Coordinator

Location Citrus
Phone 863.680.4337
E-mail mmanners@flsouthern.edu


Photo: William Allen

William Allen

Associate Professor of Digital Media

Location Chatlos J
Phone 863.680.4979
E-mail wallen@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Mary Beth Bradford

Mary Beth Bradford

Assistant Professor of Communication

Location Chatlos Journalism
Phone 863.680.3895
E-mail mbradford@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Pamela Dykes

Pamela Dykes

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication

Phone 863.680.6168
E-mail pdykes@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Autumn Grubb

Autumn Grubb

Director of Teaching and Learning Center and Assoc. Professor of Education

Location Edge 233
Phone 863.680.5118
E-mail agrubb@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Katherine Loh

Katherine Loh

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication

Location Chatlos Forensics Office
Phone 863.680.4151
E-mail kloh@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Cara Mackie

Cara Mackie

Associate Professor of Communication

Location Chatlos Humanities
Phone 863.680.3863
E-mail cmackie@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Theresa MacNeil

Theresa MacNeil

Assistant Professor of Communication

Location Chatlos Journalism Building
Phone 863.680.4158
E-mail tmacneil@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Alex Ortiz

Alex Ortiz

Associate Professor of Communication
Department Chair

Location Chatlos Building
Phone 863.680.3003
E-mail aortiz@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Mike Trice

Mike Trice

Associate Professor of Communication

Location Chatlos Building
Phone 863.680.4155
E-mail mtrice@flsouthern.edu

Computer Science

Photo: David Mathias

David Mathias

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Department Chair

Location Berry 303
Phone 863.680.6283
E-mail hmathias@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Christian Roberson

Christian Roberson

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Location Berry 305
Phone 863.680.4333
E-mail croberson@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Chastity Blankenship

Chastity Blankenship

Assistant Professor of Social Science

Location Ordway 155
Phone 863.680.4268
E-mail cblankenship@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Location Ordway
Phone 863.680.4307
E-mail lcarter@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Risdon Slate

Risdon Slate

Professor of Criminology
Department Chair

Location Ordway
Phone 863.680.4339
E-mail rslate@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Erin LaSala

Erin LaSala

Assistant Professor of Dance
Program Coordinator

E-mail elasala@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Leah Pinder

Leah Pinder

Adjunct Professor

E-mail lpinder@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Erica H. Bernheim

Erica H. Bernheim

Associate Professor of English

Location 309 Christoverson Humanities Building
Phone 863.680.4324
E-mail ebernheim@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Louis Di Leo

Louis Di Leo

Assistant Professor of English

Location 8636804393
E-mail ldileo@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Catherine R. Eskin

Catherine R. Eskin

Associate Professor of English

Location 320 Christoverson Humanities Building
Phone 863.680.4345
E-mail ceskin@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Keith Huneycutt

Keith Huneycutt

Professor of English

Location 319 Christoverson Humanities
Phone 863.680.4344
E-mail khuneycutt@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Rebecca Saulsbury Bravard

Rebecca Saulsbury Bravard

Associate Professor of English

Location 316 Christoverson Humanities
Phone 863.680.4348
E-mail rbravard@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Peter Schreffler

Peter Schreffler

Associate Professor of English
Department Chair

Location 328 Christoverson Humanities
Phone 863.680.4343
E-mail pschreffler@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Margaret Taylor

Margaret Taylor

Assistant Professor of English

Location 307 Christoverson Humanities
Phone 863.680.4240
E-mail mtaylor2@flsouthern.edu

History and Political Science

Photo: R. Bruce Anderson

R. Bruce Anderson

Associate Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Adviser

Location 128 Ordway Building
Phone 863.680.4311
E-mail randerson2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: James M. Denham

James M. Denham

Professor of History
Department Chair

Location McKay Archives
Phone 863.680.4312
E-mail jdenham@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Kelly McHugh

Kelly McHugh

Associate Professor of Political Science

Location Ordway 131
E-mail kmchugh@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore

Assistant Professor of History

Location 130 Ordway Building
Phone 863.680.4301
E-mail cmoore2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Erika Vause

Erika Vause

Assistant Professor of History

E-mail evause@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Roxanne Back

Roxanne Back

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone 863.680.4982
E-mail rback@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Silvano Falcao

Silvano Falcao

Visiting Instructor of Mathematics

Location 143, Polk Science
Phone 863.680.3746
E-mail sfalcao@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Daniel Jelsovsky

Daniel Jelsovsky

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Location 142 Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.3748
E-mail djelsovsky@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Susan Serrano

Susan Serrano

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department Chair

Location 141 Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.4331
E-mail sserrano@flsouthern.edu

Photo: David Valdivia Jr.

David Valdivia Jr.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Location 132 Polk Science Building
Phone 863.680.3770
E-mail avaldivia@flsouthern.edu

Modern Languages

Photo: Jose Manuel Garcia

Jose Manuel Garcia

Associate Professor of Spanish
Program Coordinator

Location Ordway
Phone 863.680.4309
E-mail jgarcia@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Melissa Garr

Melissa Garr

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Location 317 Christoversen Building
Phone 863.680.4201
E-mail mgarr@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Brian Brink

Brian Brink

Associate Professor of Music

Location 111 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4574
E-mail bbrink@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Lawrence Burke

Lawrence Burke

Associate Professor of Music
Tuba, Euphonium

Location 112 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4136
E-mail lburke@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Fen-Fang Chen

Fen-Fang Chen

Assistant Professor of Music

Location 133 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4230
E-mail fchen@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Mary Elizabeth Gibbs

Mary Elizabeth Gibbs

Associate Professor of Music; Director of Choral Studies

Location 113 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4232
E-mail mgibbs@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jo Jossim

Jo Jossim

Professor of Music

Location 122 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4213
E-mail jjossim@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Kira Omelchenko

Kira Omelchenko

Assistant Professor of Music
Orchestra Conductor
Director of Strings

Location M116 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4216
E-mail komelchenko@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Michael Parks

Michael Parks

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Education

Location 110 Music Building
Phone 863.680.3942
E-mail mparks@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Paula Parsché

Paula Parsché

Associate Professor of Music
Department Chair

Location 123 Music Building Addition
Phone 863.680.4233
E-mail pparsche@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Diane Willis Stahl

Diane Willis Stahl

Associate Professor of Music
Director of Voice Studies

Location 135 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4215
E-mail dstahl@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Mark Thomsen

Mark Thomsen

Professor of Music/Artist in Residence

Location Branscomb
Phone 863.680.4737
E-mail mthomsen@flsouthern.edu

Music Adjunct Faculty

Rimma Bergeron-Langlois

Adjunct Faculty – Violin

Phone 863.680.3867
E-mail gabriel.rimma@hotmail.com

Colleen Blagov

Adjunct Faculty - Flute

Location 113 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4575
E-mail flautoprimo@hotmail.com

Paul Butcher

Adjunct Faculty - Jazz Studies

Location 130 Music Building
Phone 863.680.4398
E-mail pbutcher@flsouthern.edu

Troy Chang

Adjunct Faculty - Cello

Phone 863.680.4733
E-mail troy.chang@gmail.com

David Coash

Adjunct Faculty - Percussion

Phone 863.680.5020
E-mail davecoash@gmail.com

Pamela Cole

Adjunct Faculty - Piano

Phone 863.680.5099
E-mail pcole@flsouthern.edu

Christina Dominski-Sale

Adjunct Faculty - Voice

Phone 863.680.6262
E-mail cdmezzo1@aol.com

Sue Fee

Adjunct Faculty - Collaborative Piano Staff

Phone 863.680.3099
E-mail cfee@tampabay.rr.com

Patrick Fleitz

Adjunct Faculty - Music Appreciation

Phone 863.680.4229
E-mail pfleitzpiano@gmail.com

Valerie Gillespie

Adjunct Faculty - Saxophone

Phone 863.680.3923
E-mail valerie@valeriegillespie.com

Melissa Gilmer

Adjunct Faculty - Voice

Phone 863.680.6262
E-mail mgi3641314@aol.com

Ian Goodman

Adjunct Faculty - Percussion (Drum Set)

Phone 863.680.4229
E-mail jazzma3110@hotmail.com

Jenny Heidtman

Adjunct Faculty – Voice

Phone 863.680.4284
E-mail jennyheidtman@yahoo.com

Stacey McColley

Adjunct Faculty - Clarinet

Phone 863.680.6239
E-mail swmccolley@mac.com

Don McLaurin

Adjunct Faculty - Trumpet

Phone 863.680.4494
E-mail dmclaurin@flsouthern.edu

Jay Mueller

Adjunct Faculty - Jazz Bass

Phone 863.680.4229
E-mail jmuel58@att.net

Stas Omelchenko

Adjunct Faculty - Theory and Composition

Phone 863.680.5078
E-mail somelchenko@flsouthern.edu

Michael Sedloff

Adjunct Faculty - Strings Pedagogy

Phone 863.680.4284
E-mail cello57@aol.com

Richard Sparrow

Adjunct Faculty - Horn

Phone 863.680.3968
E-mail rsparrow@flsouthern.edu

Mark Switzer

Adjunct Faculty - Classical Guitar

Phone 863.680.4271
E-mail mswitzer@hccfl.edu

Fernando Traba

Adjunct Faculty - Bassoon

Phone 863.680.3923
E-mail ftraba@msn.com


Photo: Bruce Darby

Bruce Darby

Professor of Psychology
Department Chair

Location 136 Ordway
Phone 863.680.3096
E-mail bdarby@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Leilani Goodmon

Leilani Goodmon

Associate Professor of Psychology

Location 249 Ordway Building
Phone 863.680.4303
E-mail lgoodmonriley@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Charlie Law

Charlie Law

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Location Ordway 248
Phone 863.680.5049
E-mail claw@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Cleve Mortimer

Cleve Mortimer

Visiting Instructor of Psychology

E-mail dmortimer@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Deah Quinlivan

Deah Quinlivan

Associate Professor of Psychology

Location 24 Ordway Building
Phone 863.680.4476
E-mail dquinlivan@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

Associate Professor of Psychology

Location 252 Ordway Building
Phone 863.680.4477
E-mail psmith@flsouthern.edu

Religion and Philosophy

Photo: Sara Fletcher Harding

Sara Fletcher Harding

Professor of Religion

Location 310 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4185
E-mail sharding@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton

Assistant Professor of Religion

Location Edge 310
Phone 863.680.4204
E-mail bhamilton@flsouthern.edu

Photo: R. Frank Johnson

R. Frank Johnson

Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Phone 863.680.4182
E-mail rjohnson@flsouthern.edu

Photo: H.A. Nethery IV

H.A. Nethery IV

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Location Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4949
E-mail hnethery@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Waite Willis, Jr.

Waite Willis, Jr.

Professor of Religion
Department Chair

Location 320 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4183
E-mail wwillis@flsouthern.edu

Theatre Arts

Photo: Mary T Albright

Mary T Albright

Instructor of Theatre Arts

Location Buckner Theatre
Phone 863.680.4137
E-mail malbright@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Paul Bawek

Paul Bawek

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Phone 863.680.4184
E-mail pbawek@flsouthern.edu

Photo: James Beck

James Beck

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Department Chair

Location Buckner Theatre
Phone 863.680.4227
E-mail jbeck@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Christianne Roll

Christianne Roll

Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Program Coordinator

Location Honeyman - 116
Phone 863.680.3015
E-mail croll@flsouthern.edu

Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise

Photo: Peter Bias

Peter Bias

Professor of Business and Economics

Location 224 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4282
E-mail pbias@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Ryan Cahalan

Ryan Cahalan

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Location Becker 220
Phone 863.616.6459
E-mail rcahalan@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Lynn Clements

Lynn Clements

Professor of Accounting
Dorotha C. Tanner Chair in Ethics in Business and Economics

Location 218 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4288
E-mail lclements@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Joseph Connors

Joseph Connors

Assistant Professor of Economics

E-mail jconnors@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jeffrey Cox

Jeffrey Cox

Visiting Executive in Residence

Location Becker 107
Phone 863.680.4513
E-mail jcox@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jennifer  Dapko

Jennifer Dapko

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Location 332 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4352
E-mail jdapko@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Bernard  Davis

Bernard Davis

Executive in Residence

Location 330 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4270
E-mail hdavis@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Antony Dnes

Antony Dnes

Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Free Enterprise

Phone 863.680.4291
E-mail adnes@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Chuck DuVal

Chuck DuVal

Assistant Professor of Finance

Location 106 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4283
E-mail cduval@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Paul Eberle

Paul Eberle

Professor of Economics and Finance

Location 227 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4275
E-mail peberle@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Silviana Falcon

Silviana Falcon

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Location 334 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.5067
E-mail sfalcon@flsouthern.edu

Photo: James  Farrell

James Farrell

Associate Professor of Finance and Economics

Location 225 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4441
E-mail jfarrell@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Joshua Hall

Joshua Hall

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business & Economics

E-mail jhall2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Cindy Hardin

Cindy Hardin

Professor of Business Administration

Location 335 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4287
E-mail chardin@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Celina Jozsi

Celina Jozsi

Instructor of Accounting

Location 221 Becker Building
E-mail cjozsi@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Elizabeth Krause

Elizabeth Krause

Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration

Location 222 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.3774
E-mail ekrause@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Nicholas Nugent

Nicholas Nugent

Assistant Professor of Business and Economics

Location 329 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4397
E-mail nnugent@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Rebecca Oliphant

Rebecca Oliphant

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Location 327 Becker Business Building
Phone 863.680.4276
E-mail roliphant@flsouthern.edu

Photo: William Quilliam

William Quilliam

Associate Professor of Accounting

Location 219 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4279
E-mail wquilliam@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Radney Redd

Radney Redd

Instructor of Business Administration

Location Barney Barnett School of Business
Phone 863.680.4281
E-mail rredd2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Terry Redman

Terry Redman

Instructor of Business Administration

Location 333 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4281
E-mail tredman@flsouthern.edu

Photo: J. Michael Tracy

J. Michael Tracy

Executive in Residence

Location 328 Becker Building
Phone 863.680.4278
E-mail jtracy@flsouthern.edu

Business Adjunct Faculty

Scott Beatrice


E-mail sbeatrice@flsouthern.edu

Gary M. Ralston


E-mail gralston@flsouthern.edu

School of Education

Photo: Karen I. Aponte

Karen I. Aponte

Assistant Professor of Education

Phone 863.680.6280
E-mail kaponte@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Bernardo G. Blanco

Bernardo G. Blanco

Associate Professor of Education

Location 205 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4114
E-mail bblanco@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Perry A. Castelli

Perry A. Castelli

Professor of Education

Location 206 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.6289
E-mail pcastelli@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Julie Hasson

Julie Hasson

Assistant Professor of Education

Location E228/Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4578
E-mail jhasson@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Robert W. Helmick

Robert W. Helmick

Assistant Professor of Education

Location Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4170
E-mail rhelmick@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Jason LaFrance

Jason LaFrance

Associate Professor of Education

Location Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.6258
E-mail jlafrance@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Steve Petrie

Steve Petrie

Associate Professor of Education

Location 203 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.5023
E-mail spetrie@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Rebecca Powell

Rebecca Powell

Instructor of Education

E-mail rpowell@flsouthern.edu

Photo:  Lori Rakes

Lori Rakes

Assistant Professor of Education

Location 215 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4179
E-mail lrakes@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Judy Senzamici

Judy Senzamici

Instructor of Education

Location 204 Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.3743
E-mail jsenzamici@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Tracey Tedder

Tracey Tedder

Dean of Education
Associate Professor of Education

Location Edge Hall
Phone 863.680.4177
E-mail ttedder@flsouthern.edu

Education Adjunct Faculty

Sherri Albritton

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail salbritton@flsouthern.edu

Ellen Andersen

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail fandersen@flsouthern.edu

Derrel Bryan

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail dbryan@flsouthern.edu

Eileen Castle

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail ecastle@flsouthern.edu

Sandy Harwell

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail sharwell@flsouthern.edu

Christina Hiott

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail chiott@flsouthern.edu

Kimberly Kelley

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail kkelley@flsouthern.edu

Ann Marshall

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail amarshall@flsouthern.edu

Judy Moore

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail jmoore@flsouthern.edu

Michele Polk

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail mpolk@flsouthern.edu

Martha Santiago

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail msantiago@flsouthern.edu

Sonja Skaggs

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail sskaggs@flsouthern.edu

Ruth Sylvester

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail bsylvester@flsouthern.edu

Alice Ward

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail award2@flsouthern.edu

Berney Wilkinson

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail bwilkinson@flsouthern.edu

Lynda Wolverton

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail lwolverton@flsouthern.edu

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Athletic Training

Photo: James Lynch

James Lynch

Professor of Athletic Training
Clinical Ed. Coordinator

Location Gilbert Gym
Phone 863.680.6205
E-mail jlynch@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Gayle Olson

Gayle Olson

Athletic Training Clinical Instructor

Location 6 Gilbert Gym
E-mail golson@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Larry Padgett

Larry Padgett

Medical Director

Photo: Sue Stanley-Green

Sue Stanley-Green

Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Program Director

Location 8 Gilbert Gym
Phone 863.680.4263
E-mail sstanleygreen@flsouthern.edu

Athletic Training Adjunct Faculty

Matt Brown


Phone 863.680.4267
E-mail mbrown4@flsouthern.edu

Al Green

Assistant Athletic Director
Head Athletic Trainer

Phone 863.680.4267
E-mail agreen@flsouthern.edu

Exercise Science

Photo: Charles Allen

Charles Allen

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Location 3 Gilbert Gym
E-mail callen@flsouthern.edu

Photo: David Rice

David Rice

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Location 5 Gilbert Gym
Phone 863.680.4237
E-mail drice@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Sara Terrell

Sara Terrell

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Program Coordinator

Location 4 Gilbert Gym
Phone 863.680.4436
E-mail sterrell@flsouthern.edu


Photo: Beverley Brown

Beverley Brown

Assistant Professor of Nursing
MSN Program Director

Location Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.3882
E-mail bbrown@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Linda Comer

Linda Comer

Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Professor of Nursing

E-mail lcomer@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Linda Foley

Linda Foley

Instructor of Nursing

Location 117 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.5065
E-mail lfoley@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Melissa E. Gainey

Melissa E. Gainey

Instructor of Nursing

Location 119 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.6479
E-mail mgainey@flsouthern.edu

Photo: CarrieAnn Hall

CarrieAnn Hall

Assistant Professor of Nursing
BSN Program Director

Location 206 Blanton Nursing
E-mail chall2@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Melissa Radecki

Melissa Radecki

Instructor of Nursing

Location 120 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.6299
E-mail mradecki@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Carrie Risher

Carrie Risher

Assistant Professor and RN-BSN Degree Completion Program Coordinator

Location 205 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.4134
E-mail crisher@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Christy Skelly

Christy Skelly

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Phone 863.680.3019
E-mail cskelly@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor

Instructor of Nursing

Location 118 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.6494
E-mail ktaylor3@flsouthern.edu

Nursing Adjuncts

Glenda Kaminski

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.687.1360
E-mail gkaminski@flsouthern.edu

Annette Kelly

Adjunct Faculty

Phone 863.680.3882
E-mail akelly@flsouthern.edu

Brittany Schultz

Simulation Lab Assistant
Adjunct Faculty

Location 107 Blanton Nursing
Phone 863.680.4482
E-mail bschultz@flsouthern.edu

Roux Library and McKay Archives

Photo: Nora Galbraith

Nora Galbraith

Resource Sharing Librarian

Location Roux Library
Phone 863.616.6454
E-mail ngalbraith@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Julie Hornick

Julie Hornick

Instructional Services Librarian

Location Roux Library
E-mail jhornick@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Randall M. MacDonald

Randall M. MacDonald

Director of the Library

Location Roux Library
Phone 863.680.4165
E-mail rmacdonald1@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Marina Morgan

Marina Morgan

Metadata Librarian

Location Roux Library
Phone 863.616.6450
E-mail mmorgan@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Gerrianne Schaad

Gerrianne Schaad

College Archivist

Location McKay Archives Center
Phone 863.680.4994
E-mail gschaad@flsouthern.edu

Photo: Steven Wade

Steven Wade

Instructional Services Librarian

Location Roux Library
Phone 863.616.6451
E-mail swade@flsouthern.edu