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Jose Dominguez, PT, Ph.D., OCS

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy


My interest in teaching and education comes from a strong desire to serve my profession, educate future practitioners and share many of my successes as well struggles. As an educator in the field of physical therapy, I am motivated by the opportunity to influence the development of future therapists. I strive to implement problem-solving skills, instill an evidence-based practice approach and foster a learning culture that will continue throughout the lives of all students.

-Jose Dominguez

Campisi Center for Physical Therapy - 219



I expect students to learn the objectives of the class but most importantly, be able to apply those concepts in the diagnosis of impairments and delivery of proper treatments. Although demonstrated competencies are necessary, it’s important to ensure the student has not only memorized material but genuinely learned the concepts in an applied manner. I will know learning has occurred when the student demonstrates the ability to implement the concepts, apply them to appropriate scenarios and develop treatment approaches based on patient presentations.

It is important to create a professional relationship with my students. I would like to be seen more as a mentor than a teacher, one that students can rely upon for answering questions in and out of the classroom. In a physical therapy curriculum, it is important for the student to have mentors as they progress through the courses and begin to perform evaluations and treatments on actual patients. While mentorship begins in the classroom, it continues throughout the careers of these future therapists.

As a practicing physical therapist, I follow certain code of ethics. First do no harm, do onto others as I would like done to me, treat everyone with the utmost respect, do not fear work, welcome the challenges placed in front of me, and to work hard and good things will come. The same ethics are followed in the classroom. Furthermore, demonstrating punctuality, respect and openness will be paramount to my classroom behaviors. Being prepared and on-time for class will transcend the classroom and into their clinical rotations and future employment.

It is my hope and expectation that I can instill, a sense of respect and a commitment to learning. Also, I encourage each student to get involved in their practice, always protect the title earned and become advocates of physical therapy. It is my aspiration that students demonstrate dedication to learning and become contributors, not just consumers, in the classroom.

Dr. Jose Dominguez, PT, PhD, is currently an assistant professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Florida Southern College. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Dominguez served as Director of Rehabilitation at Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation (Dec 2015 – 2022), leading a team of therapists increasing function and enhancing the lives of patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple trauma and total joint arthroplasty. He also held an adjunct professor position at the University of Central Florida and Florida Southern College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and served as a Leido’s Corporation research consultant for the Naval Health Research Center, San Diego California. A license physical therapist, Dr. Dominguez held many positions as department Head, Ship’s physical therapist, and division officer while serving in the US navy from 1992 - 2015. Prior to his retirement from the military, LCDR Dominguez’s last tour was as Department Head, Warfighter Performance Department at Naval Health Research Center. The Warfighter Performance Department conducts research related to the measurement, maintenance, restoration, enhancement, and modeling of human performance in military operational environments.


  • Aug 09 – Dec 14 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Landing Biomechanics of the Lower Extremity Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
  • Aug 97 – Aug 00 University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Ann, MD
  • Master of Physical Therapy
  • May 95 – Dec 97 Southern Illinois University, Bethesda, MD
  • Bachelor of Science Health Care Management


Platform Presentations, Abstracts and Posters

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Fredy M. Solis, Jon Van Den Boogaard, Susan M. Tillman, Jose Dominguez, Bryan P. Conrad, Terese L. Chmielewski. Vertical Force in Jump-Landing is Influenced by Different Factors in Athletes With and Without ACL Reconstruction. Poster presentation presented at American Physical Therapy Association, CSM Conference, San Diego, CA, Jan 2013.

Dominguez JA, Tillman SM, Moser MW, Indelicato PA & Chimliewski, TL Plyometric Exercise Improves Lower Extremity Biomechanics and Jump Performance in Patients with ACL Reconstruction. Poster presentation presented at the Neuroplasticy symposium Mar 23, 2012, Gainesville, FL

Dominguez JA, Chan N, Lentz TA, Tillman SM, Moser MW, Indelicato PA & Chimliewski, TL. Biomechanical Asymmetries in a Drop-Landing are Associated with Quadriceps Weakness Prior to Advanced Phase of Rehabilitation. Platform presentation presented at American Physical Therapy Association, CSM Conference, New Orleans, LA Feb 11, 2011

Other Publications, Presentations and Technical Reports:

Berry, Olivia; Voigtmann, Christina; Curran, Christopher; Dawson, Nicole; Dominguez, Jose; Beato, Morris Two Balance Measures as Poststroke Predictors of Ambulation Status at Discharge From Inpatient Rehabilitation, Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy: April 13, 2022 - Volume - Issue - 10.1097/JAT.0000000000000186 doi: 10.1097/JAT.0000000000000186

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Brennan D. Cox, Harvey Edwards, Katherine Service, Pinata Sessoms, Jose Dominguez, Weimin Zheng, Seth Reini. Cognitive Two-Way Interactions In an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment. Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2015