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Manie Spoelstra, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty


My classes become laboratories where students can learn to apply real world skills through experiential learning. Textbooks should then ideally become living documents. I am not scared for experiment to fail. Sometimes there is more learning in failure than in success. All subject matter can be taught while all involved are having fun and all look forward to the next interaction. I like to challenge students and push them out of their comfort zones.

-Manie Spoelstra


I was Professor in Organizational Behaviour at the Business School of The University of SA until 1993 after which I formed a private Business School and Consultancy: "The International Negotiation Academy". Several textbooks on negotiation and other topics were published by me as author. Completed my PhD during a two-year stay in Japan where I became competent in Japanese. I travelled to many countries and major organizations for the purpose of Training and Consultation, mainly on Negotiation. I relocated to the Lakeland and the USA during 2013.


  • Complete D Com at the Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, in the Dept of Industrial Psychology, 1981
  • Complete M Com in Dept of Industrial Psychology, University of South Africa, 1976
  • Complete B Com (Hons), Dept. Industrial Psychology, University of South Africa, with distinction in Social Psychology, 1973
  • Complete B Com degree, Potchefstroom University; SA; Main subjects:  Industrial Psychology, Economics, Money and Banking, Industrial Economics, 1963


I enjoy genealogy, swimming, and mountain biking.


  • Awarded the “Excellence in Teaching Award” by the National Society of Leadership and Success, 2016


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