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Lemaro Thompson

Assistant Professor of Management


If I had to sum up my teaching philosophy in one quote I would again return to the Greeks and quote Plutarch who said, “The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” The first metaphor is illustrative of passivity, as a vessel and its contents do not interact in a significant manner; however, the second metaphor, the interaction of fire and wood, is the quintessence of activity–a chemical reaction that produces warmth and changes the wood in the process. Likewise, the essence of my teaching philosophy is engagement, interaction and growth. This is because as a student what I most desired from each class session was not a data dump but a new paradigm to see the world and myself, tools with which I could dissect and analyze ambiguities and abnormalities, knowledge and insight to decipher between shades of gray. I want the same for my students; I want their minds to become conflagrations that are capable of uniquely contributing to business and society.

-Lemaro Thompson


I am passionate about learning and helping others learn.


The University of Texas at San Antonio
Ph.D., Management and Organizational Studies


Cycling, Photography, Chess, and Reading & Writing


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