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Grisselle Centeno

Lyons Endowed Chair in Logistics and Professor of Supply Chain and Analytics


Teaching is the way I serve.  It is the cornerstone of academe and the vehicle to influence our students through a meaningful curriculum, pedagogy, and research. My teaching philosophy, is mainly driven by this tenet:  “To equip students through active learning, meaningful experiences, and individualized mentorship.” Central to this philosophy is the acknowledgement that we all have different learning styles, interests, and needs but share a common goal: to grow and develop to be able to have a positive impact in our community and the society at large. I am committed to promoting an equitable and inclusive learning culture that value diverse perspectives and empowers students to pursue self-guided discovery.

-Grisselle Centeno

Becker Business - 326


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Grisselle Centeno is the David P. and Constance W. Lyons Endowed Chair in Logistics and a Professor of Supply Chain and Analytics and at the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she earned her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering (IE) from UPR in Mayagüez and her master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida. Dr. Centeno’s academic journey started at the University of South Florida and more recently she served as Professor of Data Science and Director of the Health Systems Engineering Center at Florida Polytechnic University. Her research and teaching interests include optimization-based modeling applied to service industries including healthcare, education, transportation, and entertainment. Centeno served as an Industrial Engineer and Advanced Analytics Consultant for Disney for over 14 years. She has also consulted for multiple healthcare organizations including Moffitt Cancer Center, Lakeland Regional Health and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital among others. She has been recognized for her innovation in teaching and her efforts to promote women in STEM initiatives. Dr. Centeno currently serves as the Principal Investigator of a multi-institutional research project sponsored by the National Science Foundation that focus on the ethical identity of STEM professionals.  In June 2022, she was inducted as an IISE Fellow, which recognizes outstanding leaders that have made significant, nationally recognized contributions to industrial engineering profession. 


University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering   3.9/4.0
Dissertation: “Parallel Machine Scheduling with Specified Release Dates, Due Dates, and Machine Eligibility Restrictions”
Major Area: Operations Research

M.S. in Industrial Engineering
Thesis: “A Methodology for the Selection of Critical Processes and Alternatives in a Benchmarking Project”
Major Areas: Operations Research and Quality Control


B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Magna Cum Laude


Pickleball (so much fun!)  -  Singing and piano


  • IISE’s Fellow Award – Inducted May 2022
  • Featured for “What’s your story” ISE Magazine, Nov 2021
  • Featured (Cover page) Diverse, Issues in Higher Education, July 2021
  • ABLAZE excellence in research award recipient, Florida Polytechnic University, 2020
  • ELATES fellow, 2019-2020
  • Advanced Manufacturing Workshop: Preparing the Next Generation of Researchers, Invited participant– Iowa State University, NSF sponsored, October 2017
  • 2016 Symposium: 21st Century Mindsets & Strategies for Career Advancement, University of California, Berkeley - Selected Participant,
  • Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium fellow, 2015 – National Academy of Engineering
  • Faculty Research Award from Women Leadership and Philanthropy- WLP 2013 recipient
  • Women's International Research Engineering Summit, Invited participant, NSF-Advance sponsored, Barcelona, Spain, 2009
  • IIE Outstanding Young IE in Education Award, (runner up) 2006
  • Who is Who in Engineering Education, 2006
  • Outstanding Teaching Award 2004/2005 – USF and Engineering


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