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Shankar Ghimire, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business Analytics


My teaching philosophy is centered around empowering students to thrive in the realm of business analytics. As an educator, my objective is to cultivate a classroom atmosphere conducive to ACE learning: Active, Cooperative, and Engaged learning. I firmly believe that active interaction with course material, coupled with collaborative learning experiences, is pivotal for students to grasp and apply concepts effectively to real-world contexts. By prioritizing active participation, cooperation, and engagement, I aim to furnish my students with the essential skills needed to excel in their future endeavors within the field of business analytics.

-Shankar Ghimire

Becker Business - 218




Dr. Shankar Ghimire serves as an Associate Professor of Business Analytics at Florida Southern College. Previously, Dr. Ghimire was at Western Illinois University, where he held the Cecil P. McDonough Endowed Professorship within the College of Business and Technology. Additionally, he coordinated the Graduate Program in Quantitative Economics. During the academic year 2022-23, Dr. Ghimire assumed the role of the Norman and Ruth Carroll Endowed Chair in the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University. Within his current capacity, Dr. Ghimire teaches various Business Analytics courses at the undergraduate and MBA levels, including Quantitative Analysis, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Applied Statistics and Analytics for Business. In the past, he has also offered faculty-led study abroad programs to destinations including Nepal, Peru, and Ecuador, enriching students' academic experiences. On the research side, Dr. Ghimire has published in journal journals such as World Development Perspectives, European Journal of Development Research, Journal of Sports Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics and International Development, Economics Bulletin, etc. on topics covering economic and financial issues in developing countries, including remittance, migration, foreign aid, and their effects on socio-economic outcomes. He has secured multiple grants to conduct impact evaluations of microfinance programs, focusing on household impact evaluation surveys and analysis. He is also interested in sports analytics.


  • Ph.D., Applied Economics, Western Michigan University
  • M.Sc., Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics, Western Illinois University
  • B.A., Community Development, St. Cloud State University


Travelling and being outdoors.