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Traditional Undergraduate

School of Nursing



A major represents a degree-seeking student’s primary field of study. A major is a structured plan of study that, at Florida Southern range from around 36 to 48 hours for some programs in the humanities and social sciences to 100 hours or more for some specialized and pre-professional programs. Students may have more than one major at Florida Southern College. The major(s) appear on the official transcript.


A concentration is a structured plan of study within a major. Declaring a concentration will inform the types of classes you will take to fulfill the requirements for your degree. The number of semester hours for a concentration varies by program and ranges from 12 to 24 semester hours. The concentration appears on the official transcript.


A minor represents an optional, secondary field of study for a degree-seeking student. A minor is a structured plan of study usually requiring at least 18 credit hours. Students should work with their academic advisor to discuss plans for adding a minor. The minor appears on the official transcript.

Accelerated Programs

Take graduate-level courses during your senior year while you are still enrolled as an undergraduate student. Get a jump start on graduate internships and career opportunities. You will also work with many of the same faculty, while saving time and money by taking graduate courses as a part of the undergraduate tuition rate.

Pre-Health professional Studies

FSC offers a variety of pre-health professional programs of study. Pre-health professional indicates a student’s plan to enter a professional school after graduating with their bachelor’s degree. Our faculty work closely with pre-health professional students to ensure their selection of courses and co-curricular activities support their application to competitive programs. The pre-health professional area of study does not appear on the official transcript.

*Career Track

FSC’s Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise provides relevant interdisciplinary undergraduate education through a number of career tracks allowing students to select 12 hours of elective courses based upon their post-graduate/career goals. The career track does not appear on the official transcript.