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Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Mathematics and Statistics Is Needed by All Organizations.

FSC’s Applied Mathematics and Statistics program blends mathematical theory with practical application, preparing students for careers in diverse fields such as engineering, finance, biotechnology, government, and data science.

Whether you’re intrigued by mathematical proofs or drawn to statistical analysis, Florida Southern will help you develop the analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in demand with today’s top employers.

Top Reasons

Collaborative Research

FSC’s mathematics instructors specialize in a broad range of areas and topics. You’ll learn from their expertise, and then go beyond the classroom to engage and present collaborative research findings at regional, national, and international conferences.

Learning Community

First-year students develop camaraderie with other math majors through learning communities. These specialized groups focus on problem-based, integrative, and collaborative learning.

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes ensure each student receives personalized attention from dedicated faculty members. Intimate learning environments foster meaningful connections, facilitate collaborative discussions, and provide tailored support.

Job Placement

FSC prepares students for jobs in data analytics in a variety of fields, with 98% of students employed or in graduate school within six months of graduating.

Exam Preparation

FSC’s program includes comprehensive credential preparation, ensuring students are well equipped for certifications and professional qualifications needed for their careers in applied mathematics.

Guaranteed Internships

At Florida Southern, you’re guaranteed an internship where you can put your knowledge to work and experience firsthand what it means to use applied mathematics and statistics for a living.

Meet Our Mocs

Andrea Morris
Santino Miozzi
Ansleigh Russell

Areas of Concentration

Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Actuarial Foundations

Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Actuarial Foundations

Through rigorous coursework in probability theory, financial mathematics, and risk assessment, students learn to analyze and manage financial risks for insurance companies and other institutions. They graduate prepared for actuarial certification and careers in risk management.
Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Business

Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Business

With a focus on business, students leverage mathematical and statistical tools to address real-world challenges in the corporate world. They learn to analyze financial data, develop predictive models for market trends, and optimize business processes, equipping them for roles in finance, consulting, and strategic decision-making.
Applied Mathematics and Statistics: STEM

Applied Mathematics and Statistics: STEM

Through specialized coursework in probability, regression analysis, and experimental design, students gain a comprehensive understanding of statistical methods and their applications. Graduates leverage their expertise in extracting meaningful insights from data and use evidence-based decision-making in fields such as engineering, finance, and data science.
Coming from a small town but spending much of my time in the city as a kid, I found it abhorrent that there could exist such schools that force their students to shed their identity and conform to the chaos of large classes. That is why I’m infinitely grateful for the model of learning that Florida Southern uses. It was this very model that allowed me to come to love and appreciate mathematics in a personalized, one-on-one setting.
Robert McLaughlin
Daniel Jelsovsky, Ph.D.

Featured Faculty

Daniel Jelsovsky

Math is not a spectator sport. You learn to solve problems by solving problems, not by watching people solve problems. To think you can learn math by watching is as foolish as saying I can hit a baseball by watching Evan Longoria. I will help students think their way through advanced problems. This will stay with them long after any formula has faded from memory.
Get an inside look at Applied Mathematics

Get an inside look at Applied Mathematics

It all adds up!

In MAT 4442 Probability and Statistics, you’ll study concepts like random variables, discrete and continuous distributions, sampling estimation, and confidence intervals.

Clubs And More

The Math Club at FSC hosts several events each semester for math majors and students interested in math. Game nights, ice cream socials, pizza reviews, and other activities provide opportunities to hang out and study together.

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Admission Requirements


All freshman applicants to Florida Southern Colleges full-time degree programs must submit the following information:


Applying to Florida Southern as a transfer student is easy.

If transferring less than 24 credits, we also need your:

  • Official high school transcript
  • SAT and/or ACT scores

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Daniel Jelsovsky Daniel Jelsovsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Polk Science - 142