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Social Standing Requirement

Social Standing Requirement

We value our incoming students' academic and social achievements. As such, we require a College Report demonstrating good academic and social standing to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Instructions for Submitting the Social Standing Report


Select a Form

We strongly encourage you to complete the online Social Standing Form. However, we'll also accept the Common Application College Report or Coalition Application Transfer Report


Fill Out the Student Section

Complete the student section of the form with your personal information.


Send the Form to Your College Official

Forward the partially completed form to the college's Dean of Students office, Judicial Affairs officer, or someone with access to your academic and disciplinary records at your current or most recent college.


College Official Completes the Form

The college official will fill out the second half of the form, confirming your academic and social standing.


Submission by College Official

The completed form should be sent directly from the office to Florida Southern College.


Check Your Status

Florida Southern will notify you once we have received the submission.

By following these steps, you can ensure your application is complete and demonstrate your readiness to join our community.