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Social Standing Requirement

Florida Southern College requires a college transfer report be completed by your most recent college attended. This can be completed at any time between when you apply to Florida Southern until enrollment.

Social Standing Requirement

This document must be received prior to the Orientation coinciding with the semester a student chooses to begin at Florida Southern College.


Identify Your Contact.

This form should be completed by a college official(s) such as a Judicial Affairs Officer or Dean of Students who has access to your academic and disciplinary records. Please send this form to a dean, advisor, or other college official who has access to your records and ask them to complete it.


Copy Link. Send It In An E-Mail.

We accept any of the following four options to fulfill this requirement but recommend sending the link to the Florida Southern College Electronic Form to be completed by your college official if permitted by your previous college or university attended.

Copy This Address:


Check Your Status.

Florida Southern will notify you once we have received the submission.

Social Standing Form Options