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Campus Offices and Resources

As a student currently attending Florida Southern College you’ll find the resources you need to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Applying to college is an exciting part of starting the next chapter of your life, but the process can also be a little intimidating. What’s ...

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Adult and Graduate Admission 

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Alumni Relations 

Times may have changed, but Florida Southern College remains the same outstanding college with an exceptionally rich heritage of excellence in educ...

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Florida Southern College Official Bookstore

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Business Office (Student Accounts) 

We have clerks available to answer any question you may have and assist with the payment of student accounts.

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Campus Safety and Security 

Our dedicated, responsive staff helps to ensure the well-being of the entire college community. Florida Southern’s stable, safe environment e...

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Career Services Office 

Our resources connect you with career exploration tools, internships, service/volunteer experiences, networking tips, graduate school info, and job...

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Center for Student Involvement 

What can you do for fun? Lots! Imagine a college campus where 100 percent of the students are involved in extracurricular activities. From basketba...

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Community Living 

As a residential college, Florida Southern provides a wide array of services to all students living on campus, including telephone, cable, computin...

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Counseling Center 

Florida Southern’s Counseling Center offers full-time students time-limited counseling at no cost. The Counseling Center provides a safe...

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Development Office 

The sustaining support of alumni, parents, and friends continues to advance the College to new levels of excellence.

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Financial Aid 

Rated a "Best Buy in the South" by U.S. News & World Report, Florida Southern College provides an exceptional education at a reasonab...

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Human Resources 

The HR staff is here to assist you—whether your question is about you individually or about your department. If you’re uncertain about ...

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Library (Roux) 

Roux Library’s mission is to educate students in developing lifelong, critical, information-seeking skills by identifying and making informat...

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Mail Services 

The Florida Southern College Mailroom and Post Office provides postal services such as stamps, priority mail, insured mail, tracking services ...

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Whether you need to register for classes, browse the academic calendar, transfer course credits, order transcripts, or prepare for graduation, the ...

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Rinker Technology Center 

The Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Technology Center offers students a place to complete coursework, collaborate for school projects, or to just to r...

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Student Accountability, Education and Compliance 

The opportunity for success is enhanced when students live in a community that establishes high expectations for its members.

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Student Disability Services 

The college engages in an interactive process with the student and, as appropriate, with professionals documenting the disability and the student&r...

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Student Health Center 

The Student Health Center is committed to meeting the changing health and wellness needs of the collegiate community.

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Student Solutions Center 

The Student Solutions Center welcomes you with a well-qualified and welcoming professional staff to assist you with a variety of questions and reso...

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Student Travel 

Study abroad is an essential part of the well-rounded foundation you’ll receive from Florida Southern. In fact, we believe study abroad is su...

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Testing Services 

The Testing Center at Florida Southern College provides students and the surrounding community a place to take nationally standardized exams.

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Wellness Center 

Our premier facility, state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified staff, and exceptional programs provide excellent opportunities for FSC students...

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