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Parents and Families FAQ


How can my student find a job on campus? Internships?

Internships are often communicated through faculty members. We encourage students to converse with their faculty if they are interested in an on-campus job or internship.

Additionally, our Career Center can help connect students with internships and jobs.

How can I find out more information on commencement?

Our commencement webpage includes the commencement handbook as well as party planning resources for a big day.

How does the Student Health Center work?

Information about our Student Health Center can be found on their office webpage.

Why is Florida Southern a residential campus?

Florida Southern is residential because we believe in helping our students make the transition from home to independence. First-year students are the closest to classes, and as students transition to upper-level students, residences have options such as kitchens and locations that are a little further from campus, giving independence while continuing support from residence advisors and community life.


When are finals and other key academic dates?

Finals are scheduled on the Academic Calendar.

When is the deadline for professors to enter final grades?

Deadline for professors to enter final grades is the Tuesday after finals.

Is tutoring or additional academic support available on campus?

FSC offers free peer tutoring, writing coaching, and supplemental instruction to students through “Academic Fuel” in the Academic Center for Excellence (Carlisle Rogers Building). Students can also engage in success coaching, academic success workshops, and more.


When is tuition due?

Tuition due dates are listed in the FSC Portal.

Is there an ATM on campus?

Yes, a Midflorida Credit Union ATM is located near the Florida Southern Mailroom.


Does the mailbox number change each year?

No, Students keep their mailbox numbers throughout their time at Florida Southern.

How do students receive packages?

Packages will be delivered to the mailroom and the mailroom will notify students via their mailbox if they have a package to pickup.

First Year Questions

What is the shipping address to have something shipped to the school for move in day?

111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33801. Please boldly display the student’s name and housing assignment on the boxes. Avoid shipping obvious things like flammables, etc. You may begin to ship items starting on July 15.

Can we ship bulky items directly to the college?

Yes. Ship to: 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33801. Please boldly display the student’s name and housing assignment on the boxes. Avoid shipping obvious things like flammables, etc. You may begin to ship items starting on July 15.


Where can I find out about housing options?

Housing information can be found on the college housing webpage.

When can my first year/returning student move in?

First-year students can move in the Saturday before classes.

When does my student have to move out?

Students may begin moving out of their residential space on Friday, December 8th. Students who are not graduating are able to remain on-campus until Thursday, December 14th at 1pm. Graduating students are able to remain on-campus until Sunday, December 17th at 1pm. For more information regarding closing, please refer to Community Living's move-out procedures.

Who do I contact if my child has a housing issue?

Please contact Residence Life.

When do incoming freshmen find out their housing assignments?

Freshmen find out their housing assignments in July.

When do incoming first year students find out their housing assignments?

First year students that have deposited prior to April 1 will find out their housing assignments on Match Day, June 1. Students that have deposited after April 1 will find out their housing assignment in July.

What is the move-out procedure?

Community Living staff members will communicate with students about move-out procedures prior to the end of the semester. RAs will give each student information and host floor meetings for first-year communities.

What is the move-out procedure for students doing a Junior Journey in May?

Community Living will work with Junior Journey students on a schedule for move out depending on their trip.

What is not allowed in the residence halls?

These items are not permitted: refrigerators and microwaves (these are provided), toasters, air fryers, hot plates, candles, incense, halogen lamps, string lights, extension cords, weapons (hand knives, firearms, explosives, etc.), sleeper sofas, glow-in-the-dark stars, peel and stick wallpaper, duct tape and contact paper.

What is recommended to bring with them?

Pillows, linens, personal items, shower shoes, first-aid items, hair dryer, laundry detergent and basket, clothes hangers, study lamp, desk supplies, calendar, writing paper, envelopes, stamps, room décor, 3M strips or poster putty for hanging décor, computer, UL-listed surge protectors with on/off switch, crates or shelf for books, carpet sweeper/broom, cleaning supplies, small tool kit, flashlight, umbrella, snacks, can opener, flatware, cups, plates, bowls and business attire for classroom presentations. Optional: throw rug, coffee maker, reusable water bottle, headphones.

What kind of laundry soap to use? Do they require quarters?

High efficiency laundry soap. No quarters necessary, these machines are free.

Does housing work differently for athletes?

All Florida Southern College students will go through the same process for housing selection.

How high are the beds? Can you put furniture under them?

Beds’ heights are adjustable. Yes, students can fit a dresser or even a desk under a bed, if it is raised enough. Bunking pins are available from the Office of Community Living.

Are residence halls split by gender?

We have both. Residence halls are either split by gender or they are co-ed with different gender specified floors.

Are the residence halls open during breaks?

Residence halls are closed during breaks when the college is closed. Please visit our Break Housing Schedules page for more information.

What furniture is provided to students?

Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet/wardrobe for each student. On-campus rooms are equipped with a MicroFridge for students to share. Window blinds are also provided.

When does my student pick their residence hall?

First year students submit a housing preference form when they deposit. Returning students choose on a specified date in accordance with their housing number.

Are students allowed to be reassigned to another room/roommate?

Living in a shared space can present its fair share of challenges, but it is important to be fair, honest, and considerate with one another. If you find yourself with a concern, communicate with your roommate and if needed, make sure you discuss your concerns with your Resident Advisor (RA).

Are there photos of the residence halls?

There are videos of the first-year residence halls on the campus housing webpage. There is also a non-FSC affiliated Instagram account @housingfsc that you can view student’s room photos.

Meal Plan and Food Options

Can a first year change their meal plan?

No. First year students must have the full meal plan.

How does my student find out what they have left on their meal plan?

Students can see what they have left on their meal plan by logging onto the FSC Portal.

Can students see what they have left on their meal plan on the FSC Portal?

Yes. Students can see what they have left on their meal plan by logging onto the FSC Portal.

What are the food options for those staying on campus for fall/spring break?

Food options for staying on campus will be communicated to students prior to the break.

Campus Safety

How safe is Lakeland?

Lakeland’s crime rate is lower than the state of Florida’s average and below the National average as well. In addition, Florida Southern has an Office of Campus Safety and Security that provides services to the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What safety services are in place on campus?

The Department of Safety and Security is a full-service law enforcement agency that serves the college community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Safety escorts are available at all times. In addition, Florida Southern provides students with the no-cost Omnilert safety app.

How are students notified about emergencies?

Parents and students may enroll in a text notification service, which informs the recipient of emergency situations and weather cancellations.

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Is there a fee for keeping a car on campus?

Yes. You can apply for a parking permit on the FSC Portal, under the “New Students” tab.

How do I get a parking pass?

You can apply for a parking permit on the FSC Portal, under the “New Students” tab.

Are there shuttles that transport students to the airport?

Yes. The shuttle schedule is found on the airport shuttle service webpage.

What is the shuttle schedule to off-campus locations?

Every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Shuttle to Shop leaves Circle Drive (outside of the undercaf) on top of every hour and can take you places like Target, Publix, Walmart and Lakeside Village (Books-A-Million, Bed Bath & Beyond and even a movie theatre!)

Student Involvement

What options are available to keep students engaged and foster a healthy academic- and social-life balance?

The Center for Student Involvement oversees 100+ student organizations, which are open to FSC student participation; Greek organizations; intramurals; Discover Florida; service and leadership opportunities; and work-studies are among the many options to connect with other students.