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Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry that offers many exciting career opportunities for students.

Biotechnology professionals improve living conditions across the globe and make positive changes in people’s lives. Biotechnology students can find career opportunities in a wide array of industries from biomedical engineering to agricultural and food sciences.

Your B.S. in Biotechnology will allow you to take foundational courses in biology, genetics, and microbiology. You will also take classes in tissue culture and cloning, and choose from a variety of courses including horticulture, parasitology, and neuroscience. Our state-of-the-art labs will help you learn valuable techniques for your future biotechnology career.

Top Reasons to choose Biotechnology at florida southern college

Ultimate learning experience

As a Biotechnology major at FSC, you will have the opportunity to design and implement your own biotechnology research project in our state-of-the-art facilities that will allow you to work with microorganisms, tissue culture cells, DNA, and proteins.


Travel experiences have included travel to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Italy.

LECOM Agreement

Our accelerated program agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine provides priority admission to qualified students.

Expand Your Horizons

As a biotechnology major, you will have the opportunity to take additional classes or even obtain a minor in areas related to your interests, including neuroscience, business, healthcare administration, or psychology — giving you an advantage when applying for jobs or graduate programs.

Graduate Opportunities

You'll be prepared to pursue a career as an epidemiologist, pharmaceutical researcher, microbiologist, or other disciplines. Our graduates have gone on to study biotechnology-related fields at top research universities such as Duke and Johns Hopkins.

Tiny Earth Network

Through the Tiny Earth Network we are able to provide biotechnology students with an authentic biology research experience in their first semester at Florida Southern College.


Florida Southern College has a collaborative project with the Tiny Earth Network. This project focuses on one of the most pressing problems facing the global community: antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Through the Tiny Earth Network, biology students will search for novel antibiotics produced by common soil microorganisms. This experience not only teaches students important laboratory techniques and skills, but also provides an outstanding opportunity to experience the scientific method firsthand, and to contribute to solving a pressing and ongoing health crisis. Biology students have expanded on these experiences later in their academic careers to develop more detailed research projects, and have presented their findings at national scientific meetings.

Enhance Your Laboratory Skills

In BIO 3750 Techniques in Tissue Culture, the theory and practice of animal tissue culture are covered. You’ll develop laboratory skills in culturing cells, as well as gain insight into microscopic observation and biochemical processes. Imagine seeing cardiac cells beating under a microscope, or observing neurons you grew in the lab light up with a florescent stain as they communicate with one another! These are moments you will never forget!

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Save Time with a 4+1 MBA

At the end of the junior year, all Florida Southern College students are eligible to be considered for early admission to the Florida Southern MBA program.

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Featured Biotechnology Faculty

Dr. Nancy Morvillo
- Biology Department Chair

Read and think. Then read some more and think some more. Then do. Learning is not something that just takes place in the classroom and ends when you obtain a degree. It is something you do throughout your entire life, in all aspects of your daily existence. All you need is curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm. Let yourself be that young child again: allow everything to be fun, to be an adventure. Don’t be afraid to explore and dig deeper. You will be rewarded in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

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Clubs and More

The Biology department sponsors Beta Beta Beta, the society for biology students affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), the national Health Preprofessional Honor Society, and Rho Rho Rho Marine and Atmospheric Honor Society.

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