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Learn to solve problems, create new products, and unlock the mysteries of life through chemistry

The study of matter and how to manipulate and transform its properties makes chemistry one our most fascinating and fast-paced majors.

Your degree in Chemistry encompasses five key areas of chemistry – organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry – and explores their connections to the phenomena, materials, and products around us. Additionally, you can choose to deepen your knowledge through concentrations in forensic or environmental chemistry, preparing you for an impactful career in one of these exciting areas.

American Chemical Society

ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives chemistry students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.

Top Reasons to choose Chemistry at florida southern college

Original, Independent Research

Every chemistry student collaborates one-on-one with a faculty member to explore an original research project. Our students present their work regularly at regional and national conferences, and they have even been listed as co-authors on articles published in scientific journals.

Success in Graduate and Professional Studies

Our chemistry graduates are accepted nationwide to top medical, dental, pharmacy, and graduate schools, such as Duke University, University of Miami, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, and Auburn University.

Internship Opportunities to Build Your Resume

Our relationships with local companies give our students numerous opportunities to pursue internships at the same time as they complete their coursework. You can start building your resume with relevant work experiences in different fields, such as the flavor and fragrance industry or environmental analysis services. These internships are hands-on experiences where you will be trained and mentored to complete the work the company requires.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

Our instructional and research laboratories give you hands-on experience with all of the same instruments and techniques that you will encounter in your future studies and career. Prepare your own samples, make your own measurements, and operate all of the instruments first-hand with training and guidance from the faculty, and put into practice what you are learning in the classroom.

Connect With Future Colleagues and Employers

Our students connect with scientists and professionals from academia and industry, building networks and relationships that will creates opportunities for future study and employment. You will meet the seminar speakers and guests from across the country that we host on campus. You can also travel to regional and national conferences to learn about the latest scientific advancements and meet the people behind those discoveries. Our students are accepted to summer research programs across the US as well as internationally.

American Chemical Society-Approved Program

ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives chemistry students the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills needed to become effective scientific professionals. Florida Southern chemistry students graduate with more than just technical knowledge - they are trained to be effective oral and written communicators, creative and critical thinkers, and productive teammates and leaders.

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Meet our Mocs

Bernie Tyson

Bernie Tyson

As a chemistry major, I'm lucky to be under the tutelage of a research scientist at the Critical Materials Institute in Iowa. I'm working on a project that deals with the recycling and recovery of rare and important earth metals which are present in everyday tools like cell phone batteries, hard disk drives, and MRI scanners.

Join a tight-knit community of scholars and peers

Our courses and laboratories allow our students and faculty to quickly get to know each other, with specific sections of chemistry classes and labs reserved exclusively for chemistry majors. Your instructors engage you through pedagogies and activities that promote collaboration in the classroom and in the laboratory. Our social events and departmental traditions let you see your friends and engage your teachers outside of the classroom. You will build a diverse network of friends and mentors that will support you in your courses and guide you during your time at Florida Southern and beyond.

Explore forensic science

In CHE 2275 Forensic Chemistry, explore the applications of chemistry to forensic science. Trace evidence, toxicology, and pharmacology are explored through case studies, such as examinations of the Kennedy assassination, Napoleon’s death, and the Shroud of Turin. Gain firsthand experience with the analytical and instrumental methods used to investigate crimes with an emphasis on the accuracy and traceability required in criminalistics.

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Save Time with a 4+1 MBA

At the end of the junior year, all Florida Southern College students are eligible to be considered for early admission to the Florida Southern MBA program.

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Pursue Your Passions Through Chemistry

Our graduates find success in the workplace as well as in graduate and professional programs. Some choose to go directly into jobs as analysts and scientists with their bachelor’s degree. Some choose to pursue additional training in master’s and doctoral degree programs across the country before leading research teams in academia as well as in industry. Other students take the knowledge and skills they have gained from their chemistry degree to pursue professional schools, such as medical school, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, and law school. Chemistry graduates also leverage their technical knowledge to create successful careers in business management, entrepreneurship, and communication. At Florida Southern, you will work one-on-one with your faculty academic advisor to develop a plan of study that will help prepare you for any career you wish to pursue.

Clubs and More

Our student organizations host social, educational, and professional programs throughout the year. You can get involved with our scientific outreach events, sharing your love of science and chemistry with local elementary and middle school students as well as with the Florida Southern community. These organizations also give our students opportunities for leadership roles along with mentoring from faculty advisors.

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Featured Chemistry Facilities

Polk Science Chemistry Labs

Located on the second floor of the Polk Science building, these labs consist of three equally sized laboratories equipped with everything you will need to safely explore chemistry and its applications. Including, but not limited to: fume hoods, burners, sinks, scales, centrifuges, glassware, and lab computers.

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