Community Living


At Florida Southern, you don’t just check into a room. You become part of a community. Unpacking your suitcase and settling into your room is the beginning of what promises to be a rich and rewarding experience.

Some of your most memorable experiences will happen with roommates and friends, lingering over dinner at Wynee’s, sipping Starbucks at TûTû’s, or hanging out in the lounge in Wesley Hall late at night.

As a residential college, Florida Southern provides a wide array of services to all students living on campus, including telephone, cable, computing, maintenance, mail services and dining—all make living on campus a great option!

Living on campus is an important part of your college experience, giving you the opportunity to meet new people, experience new ideas and develop important study habits and social skills.

Each area is a unique community staffed by well-trained Community Directors and Resident Assistants who can provide assistance and support.

Not only is living in the campus community convenient and enjoyable; you are just steps away from classes, computer labs, recreation and new friends. Residents can participate in great programs and events, right here on campus! Comedians, concerts, garden parties, movies and dances are a convenient source of entertainment.

Housing is offered year round, although on a limited basis in designated areas during the academic semesters.

Office of Community Living

The Office of Community Living oversees all aspects of life in the residence halls.


Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact Us

Phone: 863.680.4209
Fax: 863.680.4195

Find Us

The Office of Community Living is located on the first floor in the Rogers Building (R on the campus map).