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Residential Experience

When students live in Florida Southern housing they can expect opportunities for both personal growth, and for an engaging community. Community Living professional and student staff is committed to creating these opportunities. Residents can expect to be engaged with through intentional conversations, community meetings, and a variety of programs or events.

Learning Goals

The Office of Community Living encourages personal and interpersonal development in each student by creating events and programs which aim to promote a learning outcome. These outcomes are in alignment with the Social Change Model of Leadership. This model is based on seven dimensions called the “Seven C’s.” These dimensions interact with one another to promote positive social change. The seven dimensions are as follows:

Individual Values

Consciousness of self: being aware of the beliefs, values, and emotions that motivates one to take action.

Congruence: thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency, genuineness, authenticity, and honesty towards others.

Commitment: motivational energy to serve and that drives the collective effort. Commitment implies passion, intensity and duration.

Community / Societal Values

Citizenship: Process where by the individual and the collaborative group become responsibly connected to the community and the society through the leadership experience.

Group Process Values

Collaboration: Working with others in a common effort. It constitutes the cornerstone value of the group leadership effort because it empowers self and others through trust.

Common Purpose: Work with shared aims and values. It facilitates the group’s ability to engage in collective analysis of the issues at hand and the task to be undertaken.

Controversy with Civility: Recognizes two fundamental realities of any creative group effort: that differences in viewpoint are inevitable, and that such difference must be aired openly but with civility.

First-Year Communities

Entering into college can be an exciting and challenging time. Florida Southern College is committed to assisting students as they transition into the role of residential First-Year student. From offering expansive opportunities for students in their Residential Hall to form friendships and community, to providing support as students explore their “college identity”, Community Living strives to assist students in their academic and social transition into Florida Southern College.

First-Year Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors, or undergraduate paraprofessional staff, who serve First Year Residential Areas are specially chosen for their ability to inspire and connect. First Year students can lean on their Resident Advisors for matters relating to anything ranging from living on-campus to advice on how to study or get involved on campus.

First-Year Programs

From intimate gatherings planned by Resident Advisors to large-scale events serving all First-Year students, First-Year students can expect to have a full calendar of programs! Hall Wars, held in the first few weeks of the Fall semester, offers an opportunity for all First-Year students to prove to compete in different challenges and form community within their Hall. Resident Advisors plan a plethora of smaller events for their residents. A few examples of programs include Creating Your Own Succulent Planter to Exploring the Inside of a Lakeland Police Car!