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Resident Advisors

Are you looking for a student leadership opportunity? Being a Resident Advisor is a great way to meet others on campus, serve the Florida Southern community, and to develop your administrative and leadership skills.

Applications are currently closed, but will reopen in October 2023 for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

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Resident Advisor Position

The Resident Advisor Position is a student leadership role that is offered on campus. As members of the Office of Community Living, Resident Advisors oversee a residential section of 25-40 students; and are responsible for building an inclusive community that contributes to the academic success and personal development of each resident. This is done by responding to the needs of residents, creating community building events and opportunities; and managing critical administrative tasks.


General Responsibilities

Community Building

RAs are responsible for creating a positive community environment within their hall or area of oversight which promotes positive citizenship, self-reflection, and inclusion. This can be done in the following ways:

Area Programs and Events

RAs create both social and educational opportunities throughout the year for students within their residential area as a way for residents to meet and get to know one another.


Also known as intentional conversations, MOCTalk is a term used to describe an RA's regular interaction and conversation with residents in their area. RAs should be prepared to regularly engate with and get to know their residents through MOCTalks.

Roommate Agreements and Mediations

All residents on campus have a responsibility to be respectful of their roommates. RAs can help roommates set living expectations with one another, and can also mediate a conversation between roommates should there be a disagreements.

On-Site Availability

Facilities Oversight

Resident Advisors will regularly monitor the physical conditions of their residential areas and will assist with communicating any repairs or concerns with the appropriate professional staff. They will also monitor the occupancy of their areas, and will also facilitate regular fire drills, and Health and Safety Inspections.


Every Resident Advisor serves in an on-call rotation, meaning that while on-call each RA will provide students with assistance outside of normal college operating hours as needed. This can include assisting with lockouts, emergencies, and policy enforcement.

Opening and Closing

All RAs must be present during student move-in and move-out periods to ensure that all students have a positive move in experience.

Resident Advisor Qualifications

Academic Requirements

All RAs must be a full-time student at Florida Southern College, and enrolled in at least 12 credit hours, but not more than 18 credit hours without approval from Community Living professional staff. All RAs must maintain a minimum of 2.50 GPA – both semester and cumulative. All RAs must have completed two semesters of college (post high school graduation) by the end of the current school year.

Accountability Requirements

All RAs must be in and remain in good Student Accountability standing to be considered in the RA role.

Resident Advisor Benefits

All RAs receive a housing stipend which covers the cost of each RA’s Florida Southern housing while they serve as an RA. An additional longevity stipend is added if RAs serve for more than two academic semester. All RAs receive a single room. 

Application Process


Applications will open during the fall semester and will be reviewed during the spring semester. Applications can be found on Engage under the Community Living page. Applicants need to submit a resume with their application.


Each RA applicant is required to have 2 reference forms completed on your behalf. Once reference must be completed by a Florida Southern College faculty or staff person (see application for more details).


Once reviewed, selected applicants will be invited to participate in an interview for the RA position during the spring semester.


After interviewing, candidates will be invited to participate in an RA workshop. This workshop is designed to assess student leadership skills to determine the best fit for the RA role.


Can I be involved in other campus activities or organizations while being an RA?

Yes, we select RAs from a wide range of interests and involvement. Given that athletics are a time intensive commitment, student athletes must receive coach approval to be considered for the RA position. 

Can I be involved in other jobs while being an RA?

RAs may hold other employment with approval from Community Living professional staff. RAs can expect to commit at least 10 hours per week to the position. Candidates should consider if the RA position is the best choice for their schedule, should they have other extensive work or internship commitments. 

How exactly does on-call work?

Each residential building or complex has a Resident Advisor on-call throughout the evening or weekend. When on-call RAs are required to complete evening rounds of their facilities. They also carry a phone in which students can call any time of evening should they need assistance. Weekday on-call shifts are from 5:00PM-8:00AM. Weekend on-call shifts are 5:00PM-5:00PM. During these periods the RA on-call should be prepared to respond to any student concerns. Each RA selects an equal number of weekday, weekend, and break on-call shifts depending on the size of their respective RA team. Community Living professional staff also serves on-call as additional support for major student concerns which may arise. 

How many Resident Advisors serve during the academic year?

Approximately 80-84 students are selected each academic year to serve as a Resident Advisor. This includes a combination of returning and first time RAs.