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Student Disability Services

Florida Southern College welcomes all students seeking to further their education.

Accordingly, Florida Southern College prohibits discrimination against any qualified student with a disability. We invite students to visit Student Disability Services to discuss their use or need of accommodations and any barriers they anticipate or may be experiencing at FSC.

The college engages in an interactive process with the student and, as appropriate, with professionals documenting the disability and the student’s family. If you have a disability and would like to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, written relevant documentation from a licensed physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional is ideal. A high school plan such as an IEP or 504 Plan may or may not be fully sufficient documentation, but can be helpful.

Student Responsibilities

  • Identify themselves, provide documentation and request reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Once approved for accommodations, communicate with faculty about how the accommodations will be implemented in the classroom.
  • Submit Consent Form to Student Disability Services for every semester you request academic accommodations
  • Communicate with Student Disability Services in a timely manner should any issues with accommodations arise.


Florida Southern College values diversity and prioritizes equal access for all students, including those with disabilities. The mission of Student Disability Services at Florida Southern College is to ensure equal access to all Florida Southern College students to the full range of college experiences including curricular, co-curricular, and residential opportunities. We will serve as a resource and advocate for students with disabilities, encouraging student growth and self-advocacy. Student Disability Services also strives to keep all community members informed of the most promising practices for access, accommodation, and compliance and to promote collaboration between students, faculty and staff ensuring appropriate accommodations and universal design practices are being implemented through education of the Florida Southern College community.


Student Disability Services at Florida Southern College will be a leader in promoting universal design practices in facilities, communication, and instruction. We will do this by encouraging educational thought and conversations in disability while strengthening relationships between Student Disability Services, students, faculty and staff. We will assist students in accessing tools and technologies that will allow them full access to the educational experience. Florida Southern College students with disabilities will be fully engaged learners and will thrive as global citizens.

Report Accessibility Issues

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Documentation must be relevant — that is, reflect the current status of the student and her/his disability needs. Ideally, documentation will describe the functional limitations resulting from the disability and how accommodations can improve student access to their full college experience. Requests for disability accommodations must be made each semester, and students must meet with their instructors to determine how the requested accommodations will be made in each class.

Although numerous accommodations may be offered — extended time on tests, access to classmates’ notes, and preferential seating to name only a few — students with documented disabilities are encouraged to utilize academic resources generally available to FSC students, including peer tutoring, study skills resources, and support assistance from their faculty advisor, instructors, and members of the Student Solutions Center. Student Disability Services is available to guide students to needed resources.

Florida Southern College has an attendance requirement and a requirement that students participate in Engaged Learning activities in the classroom. Once accommodations are approved, how they will be implemented in each class is determined in an interactive process between the professor and the student. Each faculty member has attendance and Engaged Learning requirements in the course syllabus and the student and faculty member should review these together and determine the degree of flexibility that can reasonably be offered in each class.

Here is more information on requesting accommodations and what documentation should be submitted with your request.

Further documentation may be needed if you are requesting a service or assistance animal as a reasonable accommodation. Please see our Residential Accommodation Policies including Animals for information. There is also information for college students on obtaining Liability Insurance.

Students may request accommodations at any time [and the college will always work to accommodate persons with disabilities in a timely and reasonable manner]. However, residential accommodations — including animal accommodations — may impact the greater community and may require actions such as housing reallocation or modification or collaboration with roommates. Thus if the individual makes a residential — including animal — accommodation request fewer than 6 weeks prior to moving into college housing, Florida Southern College cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the first term of occupancy.

Grievance Procedure

Florida Southern College has in place an internal grievance procedure for prompt and equitable resolution of challenges to the accommodations provided.

Submit in Writing

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