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Admission Requirements

Dates and Application Deadlines

Students choose the application timeline that meets their personal goals. You can apply via one of our Early Admission processes to receive your decision faster or apply later in the school year via our Regular Admission process.



Early Admission

Students who would like an early answer on their application status may apply Early Admission.

Early Action

Priority Date:
November 1

Notification Date:
December 15

Deposit Date:
May 1

Early Decision (Binding)

Priority Date:
November 1

Notification Date:
December 15

Deposit Date:
January 15

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Regular Admission

Regular Admission deadlines provide more time however applications received after the last date will be considered on a rolling space-available basis.

Before December

Priority Date:
December 1

Notification Date:
January 15

Deposit Date:
May 1

After December

Priority Date:
March 1

Notification Date:
April 1

Deposit Date:
May 1

Transfer Admission

Rolling Admission dates mean transfer students receive decisions approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received.


Priority Date:
December 1

Notification Date:
2 to 3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received

Deposit Date:
December 15


Priority Date:
June 1

Notification Date:
2 to 3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received

Deposit Date:
July 1


Priority Date:
December 1

Notification Date:
2 to 3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received

Deposit Date:
December 15


Priority Date:
June 1

Notification Date:
2 to 3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received

Deposit Date:
July 1

Rolling Decision

Applicants electing the rolling decision option will receive their admissions decision within two weeks of receipt of their completed application. Because the number of spaces available in the entering class is necessarily limited, rolling admission continually narrows the opportunities for admission as the cycle progresses. As a result, students are advised to submit applications as early as possible to assure optimal admission and financial aid consideration. Additionally, upon receiving admission, students are advised to submit the required enrollment deposit promptly to reserve their space in the incoming class.

Audition Dates and Deadlines

Some fine arts programs have additional requirements for auditions and/or portfolios that need to be met in order to be accepted into those respective programs.

Academic Requirements

Admission decisions are based on academic achievement, aptitude, personal character, and performance in general citizenship or leadership activities within the school and community.

Florida Southern College attracts students who demonstrate the academic ability and strong motivation to succeed in challenging liberal arts disciplines as well as pre-professional and professional programs.

The College welcomes applications from students who manifest evidence of strong values, the desire and willingness to study, and the proper academic preparation to complete successfully the rigorous educational programs offered at Florida Southern College.

In considering applications, the Office of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions and the Admissions Committee give careful consideration to all credentials required and submitted. No single criterion determines acceptance or denial, but each is evaluated in relation to the applicant’s complete admission profile. Admissions decisions are made without regard to race, creed, color, gender, marital status, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, and national origin.


Who is a first year student?

Students should apply as a first-year applicant if they’ve earned or will earn their high school diploma. This includes students who have earned college credit through AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, and dual enrollment including an associate’s degree earned through dual enrollment.

Do I need a high school transcript?

Students should submit a high school transcript displaying courses completed and in progress as soon as possible following submission of their application for admission.

Prior to enrollment at Florida Southern, students are required to submit an official high school transcript which reflects the date of conferral of their high school diploma or equivalent.

Applicants are expected to have earned credit in at least 18 units of college preparatory courses — typically including:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of mathematics (two years of algebra and one year of geometry)
  • Two units of laboratory science (one from the natural sciences and one from the physical sciences)
  • The remaining units balanced among the social sciences, foreign languages, and additional work in the sciences, mathematics or literature.

Candidates are encouraged to complete additional units beyond the core academic curriculum, including work in the fine arts and other electives. Trends in performance are considered as part of the evaluation process.

Students earning the high school equivalency diploma (GED) may apply for freshman admission. All high school transcripts must still be submitted, along with a statement indicating the reasons for seeking the alternative diploma.

Do I need to submit SAT/ACT scores?

Results of standardized examinations, along with an applicant’s academic record, help provide a reasonable prediction of a candidate’s ability to perform successfully in a Florida Southern classroom. The College expresses no preference for one examination over the other and encourages students to take both. 

Florida Southern College's Institution Codes

  • SAT - #5218
  • ACT - #0732

Florida Southern College is continuing to offer a Test Optional Policy which can be used for students applying to enter in the Spring or Fall semesters. Students who choose not to submit test scores should expect that their performance in core academic courses will be weighted heavily in the application evaluation process.

Applicants applying test-optional are strongly encouraged to submit an academic recommendation in addition to their personal statement. Additional information, including but not limited to items such as submission of a recommendation letter or participation in an interview, may be requested by the admissions committee.

Students applying as test-considered may report unofficial test scores for admission consideration. To do so, simply screen shot the test score report, save it is an image or PDF, and email to Please be sure the screen shot includes the student’s first and last name, test date, and test score(s). Students offered admission with a self-reported, unofficial score report will be required to send official scores prior to their matriculation.

Personal Statement

No formal essay is required; instead, we request a short personal statement. This statement provides the admissions committee with more of an understanding of the applicant, allowing you to express your identity beyond academic courses and extracurricular engagements.

Academic Recommendation (Recommended)

Each candidate for first year admission is encouraged to submit an academic recommendation. This recommendation may be from an academic professional – teacher or school counselor. Recommendation forms are available from the admissions office and can also be downloaded from the College website. You may also submit a letter of recommendation instead of the form.

Extracurricular activities/service/honors (Recommended)

Students are asked to briefly describe extracurricular activities, leadership involvement (including any work experience), and service during high school. Special honors or awards received for academics or activities and organizations should also be included.

Homeschool Applicants

Florida Southern admits homeschooled students based on the strength of their application, essay and high school curriculum and GPA, just like all other first-year applicants. Though not a requirement for admission consideration or in the awarding of institutional merit scholarships, we encourage applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores when possible.

In addition to a completed application and official high school transcripts, homeschooled applicants should also submit one or more of the following:

  • Official SAT/ACT score results
  • Official college transcript demonstrating a minimum of 12 transferrable college credit hours earned (or in-progress)

While academic record is the primary determinant, we also take into consideration a student’s extracurricular activities and personal record, and thus encourage applicants to submit an outline of their work, volunteer service and/or extracurricular activities. Additional information, including but not limited to items such as submission of a recommendation letter or participation in an interview, may be requested by the admissions committee.


Who is a transfer student?

Students who have enrolled or successfully completed work at a regionally accredited college or university after high school graduation may apply for admission to Florida Southern College as a transfer student. Completion of an associate’s degree is not required to transfer. Students who have enrolled in high school and college course work through dual enrollment should apply as a freshman applicant.

Florida Articulation Agreement

We are pleased to partner with the state of Florida’s accredited two and four year community colleges to offer flexible transfer credit policies. 

Through this 2+2 program, students entering from one of these institutions with an AA degree will have met all of Florida Southern’s general education requirements and essentially enter FSC as a junior — though an AA degree is not required to transfer to Florida Southern. 

Evaluation Process

Applicants are evaluated primarily on the strength of their academic achievement at the postsecondary level, with emphasis placed on subject areas paralleling Florida Southern College’s general education curriculum requirements. Particularly critical are courses in English and mathematics. Total credits attempted, credits earned, and grades posted serve as the basis for admission. (Students who wish to transfer before accumulating 25 semester hours of transferable credit must also submit high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores.) A Report of Social Standing form, available online, is required to complete a transfer application.

Social Standing

To be considered for transfer admission, a student must be eligible academically and socially to return to the last college or university attended. A student on academic or social dismissal from any institution is not eligible to enroll at Florida Southern College until reinstatement in good standing at the previous institution has been authorized.

A.A. Degree Holders

Students transferring without an A.A. degree at the time of matriculation are required to complete all general education courses not previously taken. Evaluation of transfer credit is on a course-by-course basis.

Students who have earned an A.A. degree from a regionally accredited community college within the state of Florida will have met all of Florida Southern’s general education requirements, if the degree was awarded after December 1994. Under agreements with the state’s community colleges, A.A. degree graduates who earned their degrees in 1995 or subsequent years enter Florida Southern College as juniors with a maximum of 62 transferable credits.

Grade Requirements

Once admitted to FSC, official evaluations are completed by the registrar’s office. Only courses in which a student earned a grade of C or higher are considered for transfer credit. The maximum number of credit hours transferable from a two-year college is 62, while a student transferring from a four-year institution may enter Florida Southern with as many as 93 hours. If a student has attended more than one college or university, each transcript is evaluated independently. Regardless of the amount of applicable transfer credit, students must complete at least 50 percent of their major and minor (if a minor is elected) in Florida Southern College coursework. Transient coursework, CLEP and other examination credits, and study abroad credits earned through an affiliation agreement with another institution are not considered FSC credit. In the case of students entering teacher education, no more than eight semester hours of coursework may be accepted in the professional education sequence at Florida Southern College.

Institution Requirements

Students who have attended institutions which are considered in-candidacy-for-accreditation, or students who have college credits more than ten years old may have their credits accepted provisionally and validated by completing at least 24 semester hours of Florida Southern College work while maintaining at least a 2.0 grade point average

Transfer credit hours for specialist education programs in military service schools may be awarded to a maximum of 18 hours. Semester-hours credit is determined by standards of the American Council on Education guide to the evaluation of experiences in the Armed Services.

GPA Requirements

Transfer students requesting admission to 3000-level coursework in the teacher preparation program of the School of Education must meet a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for all courses taken in the liberal arts general education courses and a passing score on all subtests of the General Knowledge Test. Florida resident students should complete this requirement before applying for admission to the teacher preparation program at Florida Southern College. Students transferring to Florida Southern College from colleges or universities outside the state of Florida should make arrangements to complete the General Knowledge Test in the first semester of their enrollment in the teacher preparation program at Florida Southern College.


Who is an international student?

Florida Southern College welcomes international students who wish to study in the United States. 

Do I need to submit any additional documentation?

International students applying for admission to Florida Southern College degree programs are required to submit all documents required for either freshman or transfer admission plus the following:

  • A Financial Disclosure form (available online or from the admissions office).
  • If the student is from a nation where English is not the standard for daily communication, scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS or Doulingo may be substituted for SAT and/or ACT test results. The TOEFL requirement may be waived for students who have completed at least one year of formal academic study at an institution where English is the language of instruction.
  • All transcripts from secondary and post-secondary institutions abroad must be translated into English.
  • Students seeking credit for secondary exams (e.g. GCSE) or post-secondary coursework should have all transcripts from colleges or universities outside the United States evaluated by World Education Service, Josef Silny and Associates, Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. or another similar approved transcript evaluation agency prior to submission to Florida Southern College.

* For transcript evaluations we recommend SpanTran (discount available), Academic Evaluation Services, Inc., Josef Silny, or World Education Services or another similar approved transcript evaluation agency.


  • FSC Application (Required)
  • Personal Statement (Required)
  • Official Secondary School Transcripts (Required)
    • Translated and evaluated in English*; transcripts may be marked as official if emailed directly from school official
  • Academic Recommendation (Required)
  • Extracurricular Activities (Recommended)

Transfer Students

  • FSC Application (Required)
  • Personal Statement (Required)
  • Official University Transcripts (Required)
    • Translated and evaluated in English*; transcripts may be marked as official if emailed directly from school official
  • Social Standing Form (Required)
  • Extracurricular Activities (Recommended)

English Proficiency Requirement

Proof of English Proficiency is required of all students to submit. If the medium of instruction at your most recent school is not English, you will need to submit at least one of the following exams and provide a minimum score as shown:

Duolingo English Test105
TOEFL - School Code is 521879 ibt

View FAQ to learn more about the required documents.

View FAQ

Take the Next Step. Apply Today

Florida Southern receives over 11,000 undergraduate applications annually and admits approximately 51% of applicants. We take a holistic approach to the application review process—considering how each student will contribute to our academic and student communities.

How to Apply

Conditional Admission

Florida Southern College may consider applicants for conditional admission as part of the Gateway to Success program.

Download Agreement

The Gateway to Success program is designed to provide students with a gradual transition to college by reducing the number of credit hours in the first term to a maximum of 10 hours. Additionally, as part of the 10 credit hours, students may be asked to adhere to a prescribed course plan while enrolled in the program.

Students who earn at least a 3.0 GPA in their first term in the program will be considered for traditional, full-time status. Students who fail to earn a 3.0 may be considered for traditional, full-time admission with approval from the Dean of Student Success. Students enrolled in the program are not eligible for institutional aid, and will be billed at the standard tuition rate for full time students.

To be considered, students must have graduated from a regionally accredited high school; submit scores on either the SAT or ACT; and submit one academic letter of recommendation, along with the signed Gateway to Success Agreement form. A personal interview may be required as part of the admission process, and enrollment deposits are non-refundable.

Admission Decisions, Procedures, and Deposits

Applications will be reviewed and admission decisions will be rendered as soon as all required credentials have been received. Written or verbal notification of admissions decisions may generally be expected within two to four weeks.

The Office of Admissions reserves the right to hold an application until further information is available, such as end of semester grades or additional test results, before making a decision about an application for admission.

If accepted, applicants need to submit a deposit of $500 ($300 for commuters) to reserve both a place in the entering class and in on-campus housing. One hundred dollars of the initial deposit will serve as a continuing deposit as long as the student remains enrolled in the College. The remaining amount will be applied to tuition for commuters or will be equally distributed as a tuition and residence hall fee.

The College recognizes the date approved by the National Association of College Admission Counseling as the standard Candidate’s Reply Date. For fall semester enrollment, the reply date is May 1. Applicants who have submitted deposits for enrollment may receive refunds if they decide not to attend the College and file written requests for refunds on or before May 1 (unless a student was admitted under the early decision option).

Prior to enrollment, a student must have completed and filed the following documents: a completed medical history form and a completed vaccinations form. These forms are available online. In addition, students must also provide a copy of a valid state or federal government-is- sued photo identification document as proof of identity.

The College reserves the right to withdraw any offer of admission, even after accepted by an applicant indicated by submission of the enrollment deposit, if the College learns of information regarding the applicant’s academic achievement, aptitude, personal character, or performance in general citizenship, which would adversely reflect upon the applicant’s ability to comply with the high expectations of the College.

Reactivation of Applications

All applications to Florida Southern College remain on file for a period of one year. Students who do not enroll in the semester requested on the original application may reactivate an application for consideration for a subsequent semester within that period.

If the applicant has undertaken additional formal study in the intervening period, official transcripts must be submitted showing all work completed or in progress. Candidates who have attended a post-secondary institution in the intervening period should file the appropriate Report of Social Standing form, available from the Office of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions.

If already on file, the following items do not need to be submitted when an application is reactivated: final official transcripts of all work completed at the secondary or college level and official results from standardized testing.

Admission decisions are made according to the requirements and expectations pertaining to the class entering in the semester requested. Any decision rendered earlier by the Office of Admissions and the Admissions Committee is subject to review and modification.

Deferred Admission

Students may petition to defer enrollment for up to one academic year from the original entry term. To qualify for deferral, students should have an enrollment deposit on file and submit a letter of intent to the Director of Admissions detailing the reason for deferral and plans during the interim period. Deferrals will not be approved if the student enrolls at another institution before attending Florida Southern College.

Within 30 days of deferral notification, students should submit a deferral deposit equal to the original enrollment deposit. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the application. The non-refundable deferral deposit is credited towards the first semester bill.

Federal, State, and need-based financial aid are not automatically deferred. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for aid consideration in the anticipated enrollment term.

Alternatively, students may reapply for a future term, adhering to the new entry term's enrollment timeline.

Readmission of Former Traditional Undergraduate Students

Any student who wishes to return to Florida Southern College following withdrawal or suspension must submit a Re-admitting Student Application form to the admissions office.

Re-Apply Today

The application includes a complete statement explaining the reasons for leaving and specifies the semester of intended re-enrollment. The application statement should also include a full explanation of activities (work, travel, academic work) which have occurred since leaving Florida Southern. If the student has undertaken any academic work at another institution, official transcripts and a Report of Social Standing form must be submitted prior to any decision by the Admissions Committee. To be eligible for readmission, students must have demonstrated a successful and positive adjustment to the campus community while at the College and must not have any outstanding accounts payable in the business office or any unresolved judicial matters. 

The degree requirements listed in the catalog in effect when readmission is approved shall be applicable to those readmitted that semester. Re-admitted students should consult the catalog for changes in requirements. 

College work completed more than ten years prior to the date of readmission must be validated by the attainment of a 2.0 grade point average during the first 24 semester hours attempted after readmission. 

Questions? Contact

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