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Emergency Resources

If you need immediate help for a serious issue, please call one of the following services.

National Suicide Hotline: 1.800.273.8255

Text For crisis intervention: Connect to 741741

Campus Safety: 863.680.4305

Additional Resources

Peace River Center: 863.519.3744 Peace River Center Website

Suicide Prevention App:

Occasionally we meet with students whose needs exceed what we can provide. These include students who require more time or more frequent sessions to meet their mental health needs, who want (or need) ongoing therapy, or who struggle to make progress on their goals for treatment. In addition, students who are unable to maintain their safety due to factors such as self-injury, active thoughts of suicide, or high risk substance use are beyond the scope of care of the Counseling Center. Counselors can assist these students in finding appropriate care within the local community whenever possible. Students are also referred to their health insurance provider and to find therapists in the area to meet their mental health needs.

What to Expect

Whether you’re making an important decision, resolving a personal issue, or working through relationship difficulties, a few sessions of confidential personal counseling are often just what you need.

Our Mission

The Counseling Center supports the academic mission of the College by providing services and programs that help students maintain their emotional well-being in order to achieve their educational goals. When crises do occur, it is our mission to provide timely intervention and garner community support to help alleviate any far reaching after effects.

Services We Offer

We offer full-time students time-limited counseling at no cost.

Services include individual, couples, and group counseling. Sessions are typically 30 to 50 minutes long and are held every ten days to two weeks. Each semester is considered a course of treatment during which the student and the counselor work together on mutually agreed upon goals.

How It Works

Your first appointment will be scheduled promptly, usually within ten days to two weeks from the day you call. Allow approximately 50 minutes for your first session. Subsequent sessions will be 30 to 50 minutes in length. Students in crisis will be seen as quickly as possible.

Scope of Care Document

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