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Group Counseling Services

These are smaller groups that are more therapeutic focused. Please contact The Counseling Center for information concerning meeting dates and times.

Let's Talk About It!

This is a drop in series held at the Counseling Center with rotating topics. This weekly group will cover a different area every week related to emotional health. Topics will include: Stress Management, Resiliency, Healthy Relationships & Maintaining Wellness. Student will have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and gain valuable information to apply to their daily lives.

Support Groups

Our different support groups provide a community environment for students who identify within a particular group of individuals to explore and discuss the emotional, interpersonal and the intersectionality identity concerns/ difficulties. Please contact The Counseling Center for information concerning current support group meeting dates and times.

Food and Mood

Workshop is directed toward providing students with productive information regarding how their nutritional choices affect their emotions. The aim of the workshop is to assist student’s in obtaining knowledge of what is considered healthy eating and providing awareness of the food and mood connection, with the hope of lasting dietary changes. Students will be informed of the way food affects their emotional wellness, how making minute changes in their diets can provide benefits and tips to assist with making those changes.

Intersection of Spirituality and Mental Health

Workshop will be collaboratively hosted by the Counseling Center and Fannin Center. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how spirituality affects mental health and wellness. We’ll discuss different practices that help us to explore the deeper meaning of life, discover our purpose, and find inspiration each day. This workshop is not exclusive to those who practice a religious faith, it is open to anyone who is curious about spirituality and how it differs from and compliments mental health. We hope you will join us and experience how spiritual wellness contributes to our wholeness.

Outreach Presentations

The Counseling Center is excited to offer outreach presentations to meet the needs of your classroom or student organization.

Balancing Your Wellness

Holistic wellness is the conscious process to unlock your full potential. This workshop will review the FSC Wellness Wheel and the importance of keeping a balance between the different dimensions (social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and financial/occupational) for optimal living.


This program is for faculty members, staff or student organizations to assist in identifying the warning signs of a student in distress, establishing a dialogue with the identified individual, and resources that may assist you in supporting the student/peer. This program is scheduled to be presented virtually or in person upon request to any department of student organization.

Safe Zone 101

An overview of the LGBTQ+ community and how we can support out Mocs with Pride.

Additional Topics

Shifting from Surviving to Thriving; Burnout Prevention, Time Management, Healthy Boundaries and Relationships.

If you have a specific topic, you would like covered that you do not see listed, please submit a request and we will attempt to accommodate based on availability.

Due to the high demand for services, we ask that you allow for a minimum two-week notice. To schedule an outreach presentation please email your request to Include the setting of the presentation (classroom, study organization meeting, etc.), the topic you would like, expected group size, and timeframe available. Please note, most presentations require at least 1 hour.

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