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transfer students

Transfer Student FAQ

Applying and Getting In

A transfer student is anyone who has attended another college or university after graduating from high school and wishes to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at Florida Southern.


Yes. However, we encourage returning students over 24 to apply to our adult degree programs. Designed to meet the needs of working adults, these degree completion programs allow students to finish their degree by taking evening, online, and weekend courses. See Adult and Graduate for degree options.

While Florida Southern does not enforce a minimum GPA requirement for applications, candidates are evaluated primarily on the strength of their academic achievement at the postsecondary level. Those offered admissions typically have an average GPA of 3.22. However, we evaluate GPAs within the context of the degree of difficulty of coursework pursued and competitiveness of the college attended.

To determine your GPA for admission, we will include all attempted credits for which you received an A, B, C, D, or F, as well as repeated courses. Incompletes and withdrawals do not factor into your transfer GPA.

Not at all; we understand that students change their minds. A decision made for a first-year applicant has no bearing on future application decisions.

While we do not require transfer students to submit letters of recommendation, completed applications include: a personal statement indicating the reason for the transfer, a list of extracurricular activities, official college transcript(s), and a completed social standing form.

If you have earned less than 25 transferable college credits, you must also submit high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores if you wish to be considered for admission.

Official transcript(s) from all colleges or universities ever attended, including work completed through joint or dual enrollment programs, study abroad opportunities, courses completed as a summer transient, or through any other program, are required for a complete application.

Florida Southern admits students on a rolling basis, which means students may apply at any time and receive a decision approximately three weeks from the date upon which their application and all credentials are received. To maximize your scholarship and visit opportunities; however, we encourage transfer students to apply before June 1 for fall enrollment and before December 1 for spring enrollment.

FSC offers a Direct Admit BSN Nursing program that is a 4 year set curriculum program with no exceptions. As seats in the BSN program are traditionally taken by first year students, BSN Nursing not an option for transfer students unless they are willing to be at FSC for four years to complete the full program. For those that are still interested as a transfer student and are willing to commit to the 4 year program, contact your admission counselor to review the option to apply and be considered. Transfer students willing to commit to the 4 years in the BSN program will be reviewed on a very limited space available basis. FSC does not start considering any transfer student BSN Nursing requests until after March 1st.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Yes, Florida Southern recognizes the academic accomplishments of transfer students and will award between $12,500 and $17,500 to students who have earned a minimum of 25 transferable credits with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Yes! We are proud to be able to offer an additional $2,000 scholarship to transfer students who are qualifying Phi Theta Kappa members, with a 3.2 cumulative grade point average or higher.

Yes, need-based aid is available. Transfer students wishing to be awarded need-based aid must complete the FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible. Be sure that Florida Southern can receive this important information by adding our college code: 001488.

Florida Residents

Yes! If you're a recipient of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and meet the renewal cumulative GPA requirements, you may transfer your scholarship award to Florida Southern once you have been accepted. You may do this online or by calling Florida’s Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA). Be sure to note the OSFA’s deadline to make this change.

Yes, qualifying Florida residents may also be awarded an Effective Access to Student Education (EASE) grant to help offset their costs. For detailed information, visit the Florida Department of Education.

Yes. Once you enroll, you can authorize Florida Southern to bill your FL Prepaid account. You can do this online or by phone.

Transferring Credits

Though we cannot tell you which courses will transfer until we have received your application and official transcripts, we can provide an estimate. Connect with your Admissions Counselor if you would like to have an unofficial transcript evaluation.

Through our partnership with the State of Florida, we can offer flexible transfer credit policies. We will accept up to 62 credits from a two-year institution and up to 94 credits from a four-year college or university. Credits earned at a college/university outside the state of Florida are evaluated on a course by course basis without consideration of an AA degree award.

There are four areas in which students must earn credits: general education requirements (courses taken by every student regardless of major), major requirements (courses required by individual degree programs), courses related to your degree type (BA, BS, BFA, etc.) and electives. Courses designed to apply towards a bachelor degree generally transfer. Coursework that may not transfer includes experience or non-academic classes (internships, workshops, practicums, etc.), music performance beyond 4 hours, and bachelor degree level areas of study not taught by Florida Southern. Please note: If you have earned an AA degree from a regionally accredited community college within the State of Florida, you will have met all of Florida Southern's General Education requirements.

General education requirements promote educational breadth; they include courses in expository writing, mathematics or foreign language, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and multicultural studies. To earn a bachelor's degree, you must complete the general education requirements as described in the College's Academic Catalog.

Credit for a grade of D will be given when: the course counted towards an AA degree from a Florida state college, or the course counted towards a bachelor's degree. If a degree was not conferred, then it is unlikely that a D will transfer.


The Office of the Registrar will prepare an official evaluation of credits after a student has been admitted and has committed to enrolling at Florida Southern; however, an unofficial evaluation of credits will be provided upon the receipt of each official transcript.

Living on Campus

Once you are accepted, you will be invited to complete the New Student Enrollment Form where you'll be able to indicate your housing preferences. Preferences are granted based on availability as well as the date your enrollment deposit is received. For this reason, we encourage students to enroll soon after receiving an admissions decision.

All residential students are required to purchase a meal plan. Commuter students are welcome to buy a meal plan, but it is not required. See plan options.

Florida Southern provides a wealth of resources, including academic advising, tutoring, career planning, as well as mental and physical health services available to support students on their educational journey. A comprehensive list of services available on the Current Student resources page.

If you are a School or Independent Counselor looking to connect with one of our team members, send an invitation for an upcoming college fair you are hosting, or you would you like to have a representative from Florida Southern College visit your school, please e-mail fscrecruitment@flsouthern.edu directly and we would be happy to assist you.

Find Your Counselor

Please answer the following questions to meet your admissions counselor for your area.


With the help of my professors and the career center, I was able to network with a local employer, JBT Foodtech, a world-renowned market leader in the citrus industry. After interning there, I was hired as their marketing coordinator for Liquid Food Solutions.

— Johan Jonnson
Marketing Coordinator for Liquid Food Solutions at JBT Foodtech