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Filling Out The Course Preference Form

New Student Schedule Process

First-Year Students

New freshmen will complete the Course Preference Form to share information about your declared major and course interests. Our advisors will use this information to build your fall semester schedule, which you’ll receive electronically over the summer. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with your advisor at Orientation to review your schedule.
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Are You a Transfer Student?

New transfer students do not need to complete the Course Preference Form. Transfer students will be able to meet with an academic advisor to build your fall schedule during our Transfer Advising Days (opening late Spring).
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What is Included in the Course Preference Form (CPF)

Declaring Your Major

The course preference form is your opportunity to officially declare your major at FloridaSouthernCollege. This will be the major that our advisors will build your first semester schedule for based on the requirements for your major. If your major differs from the one you listed on your application for admission, your major will be updated unless it requires departmental permission or approval.

College Credit

Have you already earned some college credit in high school such as AP, IB, AICE, or Dual Enrollment? Congrats! This is when you can share that information on the course preference form so that we know what you have earned. It is important to list all of your credit so you are not placed in classes you already earned credit for. Don’t forget we will still need your official test scores and/or transcripts to grant you credit. Dual enrollment credits can only be awarded by submitting the official transcripts from the college that awarded the credit.

Advanced Credit Guides

Gen Ed

Regardless of major, a Florida Southern College education is grounded in a general education curriculum that helps students acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for success. Courses in each category of the General Education Curriculum provide students the opportunity for meaningful achievement of key learning outcomes in three broad areas: (i) knowledge of the cultural and natural world, (ii) intellectual and practical skills, and (iii) personal and social responsibility.

Want to learn more about the classes we offer and the descriptions of courses that sound most interesting to you? View our academic catalog to read the course descriptions.

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The 2023-2024 catalog will be available later this summer, however, the current catalog can be a great resource.

What is Not Included in the CPF

Declaring a Second Major / Minor

The course preference form is designed for a student to declare their main, top choice major. If a student is interested in adding a second major or minor, they will have the opportunity to do so during their academic advising appointments with their assigned advisor at Orientation.

What to Expect After Filling Out the CPF

Receive a Class Schedule

Fall class schedules will be available to new students in July. Schedules will be available to students via their Single Sign-On account and the FSC Portal. Classes may take place throughout the week each week (M, T, W, H, F) such as on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday(T) and Thursday(H). A schedule may have between 3-6 classes for each semester depending upon your major and how many credit hours each course is worth (Ex: 3 classes x 4 credit hours per class = 12 hours which is full time).

Join a Learning Community

All first-year students have the opportunity to take classes as part of a Learning Community, or a group of students majoring in or taking the same courses together. Some examples of this can include Nursing, Exercise Science, and Applied Mathematics.
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Academic Advising

Upon arriving at Florida Southern College, each new student is assigned to an academic advisor who serves as a mentor to help the student develop a plan for college studies and for success in life beyond college. Because the partnership of student and academic advisor requires close cooperation, all Florida Southern College students are required to meet with their academic advisors at designated times during the academic year. Throughout the student’s career, the student and the academic advisor work together to establish personal, educational, and professional goals for the student.
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Welcome Aboard! What's Next?

New Student Orientation

All students will attend New Student Orientation which begins Saturday, August 19. As part of the orientation, students will be able to meet with their assigned academic advisor and review their schedules for the fall, as well as create an academic plan together in partnership.

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