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Filling Out The Course Preference Form

Help Your Advisor Plan Your Fall Schedule

First-year students! Complete the Course Preference Form to confirm your major of interest and indicate other course preferences. Your FSC advisor will use this information to build your fall semester schedule, which you'll receive electronically over the summer. You'll have an opportunity review your schedule with your advisor at Orientation. 

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About the Course Preference Form

There are three key sections to which you'll want to give attention:

Declaring Your Major

The Course Preference Form lets you officially declare your major at Florida Southern College. Our advisors will build your first-semester schedule based on the course requirements of this major. If your major differs from the one you listed on your admission application, it will be updated unless it requires departmental permission or approval.

Are you considering a second major or minor? You'll have the opportunity to discuss your options with your academic advisor during Orientation.

Academic Programs

College Credit

Have you already earned some college credit in high school, such as AP, IB, AICE, or Dual Enrollment? Congrats! Here is where you can share that information. It is essential to list all the credits you've earned (or plan to earn.) Doing so ensures you are not placed in a class you've already earned credit for. Remember to send official test scores and transcripts so we can grant you credit.

Advanced Credit Guides

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations Curriculum

All Florida Southern College students participate in the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations Curriculum regardless of their major. Inspired by our campus architect, students take 34 credits from courses that fall into six core categories, including:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Resiliency of Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Investigating Social and Behavioral Science
  • Global Perspectives, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Technology, Math, and Natural Sciences

The curriculum is intentionally designed to help students embark on a transformative journey that equips them with professional expertise and a deep sense of empathy, global and cultural awareness, and the capacity to effect a positive and consequential impact in the world. 

A Sampling of Course Descriptions

Course Preference Form Explained

Lily and LeaAnne give you the 411 how the information you supply on the Course Preference Form will be used.

Are you a transfer student?

Transfer students can skip the Course Preference Form. Transfer students can meet with an academic advisor to build their fall schedule during our Transfer Advising Days (opening late Spring).

What to Expect After Completing the Course Preference Form

You've completed the form? Great! Now, you can sit back and relax.

Receive Your Class Schedule

Your advisor will create a custom schedule for you, which will be available through the FSC Portal in July. Classes will take place throughout the week (M, T, W, H, F) on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday (T) and Thursday (H). A schedule may have between 3 and 6 classes for each semester, depending upon your major and how many credit hours each course is worth (E.g., three classes x 4 credit hours per class = 12 hours, which is full-time).

Be Part of a Learning Community

All first-year students take classes as part of a Learning Community, a group of students majoring in or taking the same courses together. Some examples of this include Nursing, Exercise Science, and Applied Mathematics.
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Plan to Meet With Your Advisor

Each student is assigned to an academic advisor who serves as a mentor and helps you develop a plan for your college studies and success in life beyond. Because the partnership of student and academic advisor requires close collaboration, students must meet with their academic advisors at designated times during the academic year. Together, you will establish personal, educational, and professional goals.
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Get Ready for Orientation!

New Student Orientation is a multi-day event that will introduce you to life on campus. During the weekend, you'll meet with your assigned academic advisor, review your fall schedule, and begin mapping out your path to meeting your career goals.