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Prestige Scholarships

Florida Southern Prestige Scholarships

Florida Southern Prestige Scholars exhibit exemplary academic and leadership skills and represent the top 10 percent of all first-year applicants to Florida Southern.

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Applications have two possible deadline dates. The priority application date is November 15, and applications are due no later than January 3.

Dr. Marcene Christoverson Scholarship

Funded through the generosity of Dr. Marcene Christoverson, these grants are awarded in addition to merit-based scholarships enabling students who are deeply committed to their education to make the most of the exceptional learning experiences Florida Southern offers.

Various Amounts

C.V. McClurg Scholarship

Funded by the McClurg family, the C.V. McClurg Scholarship recognizes students of exceptional academic talent and covers full tuition and fees for four years of study at Florida Southern.

The C.V. McClurg Scholarship is competitive and application is by invitation only.

Full tuition and fees

Other Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

We award departmental scholarships to students pursuing certain academic programs - including business, nursing, music, and education.

Faith-based Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are available for those students pursuing careers in Christian ministry, education and healthcare.

Special Interest Scholarships

A variety of scholarships are available to students who meet a designated set of criteria, such as the Hazel Haley and Buelah Kahler scholarships.