Passport Program

The Passport Program has been waived for Spring 2021 due to COVID-19. We will reassess continuing the program for Fall 2021 and notify students, staff, and faculty when a decision is made.

Passport Program

Florida Southern College believes that an educational institution based on the liberal arts should expose students to a broad range of issues — aesthetic, moral, humanitarian, spiritual, as well as intellectual.

It is one of the many ways in which the College is committed to providing educational excellence. One of the primary ways that students are encouraged to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom environment is through involvement in the institution’s Passport Program. The Passport Program is an involvement curriculum that is required of all full-time, undergraduate, day students that entered Florida Southern College in the fall of 2016 or after, and student participation is compulsory for graduation.

Students are required to attend a minimum of 6 events in every academic year, one in each of the six Passport categories:

fsc flag

School Pride

stack of books

Learning Beyond the Classroom

musical note and theatre mask

Fine Arts


Service & Diversity


Health & Wellness


Founders Day Convocation

A complete calendar of events in maintained in Engage; students are responsible for making sure that they swipe-in at events in order to receive attendance credit. It is also the responsibility of students to ensure that they are attending the required number of events in each category. Although there is a 6 event minimum, students are certainly encouraged to engage in the life of the college and attend events beyond the minimum requirement. As an added incentive, students will have their names placed into a drawing pool for a chance to win one of five $200 VISA gift cards at the end of the school year for each event attended beyond the minimum as tracked by The Center for Student Involvement.

Typically, the College will offer more than 300 Passport eligible programs each year of which students must attend 6 (one in each category). No new students entering the college are exempt from participation in Passport unless a true hardship can be demonstrated in consultation with the Dean of Student Development or designee. Students entering in the spring term of an academic year are only required to complete a total of 3 events representing 3 different categories in their initial semester. For all subsequent years, the requirements are just as they are noted for students above.

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