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Myth: Your Application Needs to be Perfect to Standout

Oct 12, 2023

Many students feel they must create a flawless application to gain college admission. They mistakenly believe that any misstep or omission could cost them their spot, leading to perfectionism-related stress.

With 32% of college-bound students and their families* indicating that "completing applications for admission and aid" is the most stressful step in the college search process, it's essential to understand that pursuing perfection can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress and missed opportunities!

"Students and families perceive that their future opportunities, career prospects, and personal growth are on the line, naturally leading to increased stress," explains Arden Mitchell, Director of Admissions at Florida Southern College, "but applying doesn't have to be stressful."

"Florida Southern College's Admissions team reviews applications comprehensively, considering various aspects of your profile," says Mitchell. "What we are really looking for are students who are a good fit for the institution." 

With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to ensure your application is reviewer-ready and ensure you feel confident about hitting submit, sooner rather than later!

Don't overthink your personal statement.

When crafting your personal statement, it's important not to overthink it. Focus on authentically addressing the prompt, and let your unique story shine through. Your essay should reflect an experience that has had a meaningful impact on your life. Avoid the temptation to reiterate your resume; instead, delve deeper into your motivations, values, and aspirations. It's perfectly fine to seek input from others and have your statement proofread for clarity and coherence. 

"Remember, your genuine voice, the lessons you've learned, and the personal growth you've experienced make your application compelling," says Mitchell. "So, relax, be yourself, and tell your story – that's what we're looking for in your personal statement."

Your acceptance package could be a click away... Your acceptance package might be a click away. Hit submit on your FSC application today »

Supplemental materials can be submitted later.

We understand that gathering all your supplemental materials — test scores, transcripts, recommendation letters — for your application can be a process that takes time. You don't need to submit everything upfront! Focus on submitting your application today, and take the time you need to gather these additional materials. 

Note: Florida Southern continues to offer a Test Optional Policy; additionally, letters of recommendation are optional.

Make Use of the Common App!

There's no need to complete a separate application to Florida Southern. Easily submit your application by adding FSC to your Common Application. All your information is saved on the Common App, making it a fast and easy way to apply to multiple schools! 

While putting effort into crafting a strong application is essential, waiting for perfection is often counterproductive. Remember that admissions officers are looking for students who are a good fit for their institution, not necessarily those with flawless applications. 

Submitting your application on time shows your commitment and enthusiasm for the school, allowing you to be considered for early action and merit scholarships. Don't let the pursuit of perfection hold you back — submit your FSC Preferred Application or add Florida Southern to your Common App, today.

Did we mention, it's free to apply? Don't miss out! Apply today »