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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Report of Recommendations

May 5, 2021
Chair, FSC Trustee

The Florida Southern College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEIC) began work in July of 2020 to bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees to take a comprehensive look at campus life and identify needed changes that would result in a more racially sensitive, inclusive, diverse, and equitable campus. The DEIC’s seven committees covered all areas of campus and were charged with gathering data, seeking input, and crafting recommendations for presentation to College leadership.

The DEIC Committees met through the fall and spring, methodically reviewing each area of responsibility. Each Committee provided a report to the DEIC. The DEIC met three times in April to carefully review the reports and recommendations.

College leadership has been provided twenty-four recommendations to meet the mission set out by the DEIC. These recommendations include the areas of athletics, chaplain’s office and religious life, enrollment management, faculty and staff diversity, safety and student services, and student life.

The recommendations included enhancing recruiting options and training for recruitment of faculty and staff; continuing training for current faculty and staff; pursuing additional funding opportunities for scholarships and matching gifts for students of color; continuing to publicize the incident reporting system; examining the existing faculty mentor program and creating a staff mentor program for new employees; supporting the new First Generation Student program; and creating a specific diversity statement for college wide use.

Each committee also reviewed the recommendations to determine the leadership responsibility area and discussed how each item would be measured successful. Additionally, the Curriculum Committee worked via the faculty approval process, outside of the DEIC responsibility, to impact curriculum and the learning environment.

For ongoing updates on these steps forward, please contact the Chief Diversity Officer, Wilhelmina Tribble.

Download the list of recommendations