Orientation Leaders

Advice from Orientation Leaders

Connect with your orientation leader. Orientation Leaders are an integral part of the new student orientation program. As part of a team of students, Orientation Leaders help new freshmen and transfer students form connections and transition into the FSC community. Orientation Leaders are students who simply love FSC and are excited to welcome new students to campus.

Olivia Anderson Anderson

Major: Psychology and Business Administration

Home Town: Hastings, MN

A new-to-Lakeland must is checking out the farmer's market on Saturday's!

Sofia Aras

Major: Marine Biology

Home Town: Portland, OR

Eric Arnau

Major: Sports Communications and Marketing

Home Town: East Quogue, NY

I think each new student should at least take a look at the greek life process. When i got here I did not think I was going to get involved in greek life but it has been awesome so far!

Joshua Atchley

Major: Economics and Philosophy

Home Town: Hudson, FL

Every student should visit the Wellness Center and waterfront on Lake Hollingsworth. They offer so many fun activities and always have something going on!

Gianna Barry

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Morgan Hill, CA

Attend every event going on no matter if you know people or not going to the event. It’s fun to be able to make friends with people you would never assume you would be friends with.

Jordyn Bell

Major: Nursing and Psychology

Home Town: Tampa, FL

Go to the events and have fun!

Mia Braun

Major: Marine Biology and Psychology

Home Town: Harrisburg, NC

Explore Lakeland! This is your home now, it's beautiful with so many things to offer and its important to make the most of it for the next 4 years!

Sophi Brice

Major: Marine Biology and Environmental Studies

Home Town: Palm Coast, FL

Every new student should go to Blast Off and sign up for any clubs and organizations that interest them! It's a great way to form great connections and friendships with a group of people with similar interests as you!

Gracie Campbell

Major: Marketing and Religion

Home Town: Spring Hill, FL

I highly encourage every new student to attend any of the programs put on by their residence hall/resident advisor! They are really great ways to build community and de-stress!

Mollie Canfield

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Pembroke Pines, FL

1. Go to southern takeover 2. Go to big ACE events 3. Go to workout classes at the gym 4. Join a Discover Florida event 5. Enjoy the school's farmers market. I think that these can help the incoming students make new friends and become more comfortable in their new home.

Delaney Carey

Major: Marine Biology and Spanish

Home Town: Green Cove Springs, FL

Definitely make sure that you eat at the Joinery (the ramen place is my favorite!), walk the lake, go to the farmers market, attend a sporting game, and attend some of the Discover Florida trips!

Blake Carter

Major: Applied Mathematics and Physics

Home Town: Naples, FL

Go out for many clubs try our wellness center options along with the moc dock. Come to ACE and southern takeover.

Ibraheem Cazalas

Major: Computer Science

Home Town: Lakeland, FL

You should apply to become an Orientation Leader! OL's are the welcoming figures that help to make the transition to college a breeze, and participating in the Orientation Leader program is a fantastic way to meet new people, expand your horizons, and improve your leadership and communication skills!

Avery Cooksey

Major: Art History & Museum Studies and Business Administration

Home Town: St. Augustine, FL

Try to get as involved on campus as possible! It’s the best way to make new friends and professional connections.

Mackenzie Cosgrove

Major: Elementary Education and Psychology

Home Town: Cornwall, NY

Try new things! You never know who you'll meet or what new interest you might find!

Kayla Crocker

Major: Biology in Secondary Education

Home Town: West Branch, MI

Blast off was my favorite event as an incoming freshman! It's a great way to get to know people fast and get involved on campus!

Emily Crudup

Major: Nursing and Spanish

Home Town: New Port Richey, FL

I think that every student should attend Southern Takeover, the performances I’ve been to have created lasting memories that I will cherish forever! The food trucks, songs and awesome souvenirs always make it 10 times better!

Zachary D’Onofrio

Major: Music Management and Business Administration

Home Town: Tampa, FL

Find Carrot the cat, Go to the Wellness Center, Attend ALL events, join clubs/ organizations, and overall make sure to go to classes!

Zachery Davenport

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Naples, FL

New students should see a studio box show, run or walk the lake at sunset, swim in the meditation pool, try the rock wall in the gym and get involved at blast off.

Sam Dehring

Major: Accounting and Psychology

Home Town: Pembroke Pines, FL

My most valuable recommendation to new Florida Southern student is to explore student organizations! Going to blast off, joining clubs that fit your interests, or trying something new are great ways to build your FSC community!

Andrew den Boggende

Major: Art History & Museum Studies and Economics

Home Town: Bradenton, FL

1. Be sure to go out and meet new people within the first week, especially those in your dorm.
2. Join a bunch of clubs you're interested in your first few weeks, then drop the ones you don't like. Don't seriously participate in more than three - you will burn yourself out.
3. Make the most of your time here. If you are interested in something (whether that be classes, internships, clubs, fraternities/sororities, athletic teams, etc.) do not be afraid to ask questions. You will get back from your college experience what you put into it. Everything is there for the taking, you just have to pursue it.
4. Go to the beach with your friends at least once a semester. Doesn't matter what beach, just go.
5. Smile!

Alyssa Drynan

Major: International Business and Health Management

Home Town: Myrtle Beach, SC

Downtown market
Discover florida trips
Lake laps

Sean Duff

Major: Marketing

Home Town: Tolland, CT

The top thing that I think new students should get involved in for their first year of campus would be to go to all of the Florida Southern Sporting and ACE Events. These are a great way to enjoy a nice day, discover new hobbies, and make new friends.

Riley England

Major: Biotechnology

Home Town: Castle Rock, CO

Compliment a fellow student! You never know if a compliment to the necklace they are wearing is going to lead to them becoming one of your best friends!

Gretchen Faraci

Major: Environmental Studies and Marine Biology

Home Town: Minneola, FL

Every student should attend Blastoff during weeks of welcome! Getting to see every club and organization in one place during your first few days on campus is such an eye opening and immersive experience.

Beatrice Fleurant

Major: Communications

Home Town: Jacksonville, FL

1. southern takeover
2. Explore downtown lakeland 
3. Go to blast off
4. Talk to your orientation group 
5. Check out the Simmons Center

Ryan Foley

Major: Secondary Education

Home Town: Bedford, NH

Attend Blastoff and find a club or organization to get involved in. FSC is a lot more fun when you get involved in any form!

Anika Francisco

Major: Elementary Education and Women and Gender Studies

Home Town: Denville, NJ

Be yourself, have fun, and step out of your comfort zone!

Faith Fultz

Major: Criminology and Pre-law

Home Town: Fort Myers, FL

I think every new student should try out all the included facilities on campus! There’s so much offered at FSC that will get you the most out of your college experience, such as the student counseling center, wellness center, and the Career center.

Mary Gravius

Major: Nursing and Mathematics

Home Town: Tallahassee, FL

Every new student at FSC should attend Blastoff / Relaunch and other open meetings on campus the first few weeks of the semester! It's a great way to meet other people who are interested in connecting.

Katie Gundersen

Major: Marketing

Home Town: Southington, CT

Every new student should attend Blast Off and Relaunch to learn about all of the new organizations that FSC has to offer. The best way to get acclimated to this new stage of life is to get involved!

Lauren Hamner

Major: Nursing and Accounting

Home Town: Jacksonville, FL

Don't be afraid to get involved in campus, both within and outside of your major. Making friends in a new place can seem difficult, but challenging yourself can lead to new opportunities!

Taryn Hughes

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Toms River, NJ

Go through recruitment! Even if you don’t plan on joining a sorority or fraternity, it’s a great way to meet new friends and make connections!

Kayla Jordan

Major: Graphic Design, Film, Art History

Home Town: Grenada,

Try to go to as many events as possible! I know it may seem scary, but it's a great way to meet people, make new friends and get free MOC gear!!

Jill Kinstler

Major: Biology and Chemistry

Home Town: Naples, FL

Always remember you need to witness the bad days to be able to acknowledge the good days.

Kaylee LaPorta

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Joliet, IL

Get as involved as you can! College is about making memories and trying new things so having the opportunity to join different organizations and clubs will help shape your college experience!

Jared Law

Major: Business Administration and Marketing

Home Town: Charleston, SC

Get to know all the Organization and clubs FSC has to offer. A great way to do this is by going to Blast off.

Emily Lawson

Major: Elementary Education

Home Town: Cincinnati, OH

Visit the downtown Farmers Market! There is yummy food, fresh produce, and it’s a great way to connect with the local community.

Gabi Lopez

Major: Biology (Pre-Med Track) and Exercise Science

Home Town: Puerto Rico,

One of the top 5 things I think a new student should do on their first year at FSC would be to walk or skate around the lake. It's a great place to destress from school, walk around with friends and also enjoy the beauty that nature offers us :)

Morgan MacMillan

Major: Business Administration, Marketing, and Accounting

Home Town: Kansas City, MO


Reese Matonis

Major: Communications and Marketing

Home Town: Green Township, NJ

Explore campus, even buildings you don't have classes in! Say hi to people on the way to class!

Caitlin McDaniel

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Orlando, FL

A new student should try to try something new as often as possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone (in a safe way), could lead to meeting new people and having new experiences.

Natalie McGinniss

Major: Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, Business Administration, Pre-Law

Home Town: Gilbertsville, PA

Get to know those professors! They’re a great resource!

Morgan Misenar

Major: Biology and Exercise Science

Home Town: Johnson City, TN

During your first year I highly suggest going to Farewell Fest & Southern Takeover! They are the best events on campus!

AlexaLin Moses

Major: Communications

Home Town: Oregon, IL

Discover Florida trips! As an out of state student, one of my favorite things about Florida Southern is the discover florida program.

Allison Naglieri

Major: Elementary Education, Psychology, and Theatre

Home Town: Baltimore, MD

I always recommend new students to attend Blast Off first and foremost! I would also encourage them to check out Discover Florida Trips as It is a great way to go on adventures with new friends, especially if you do not have a car!

Delanie Orrill

Major: Exercise Science and Biology

Home Town: Panama City Beach, FL

I encourage each incoming student to join at least one club during their first year! Getting involved helps make the transition away from home so much easier!

Angedith Ortiz

Major: Elementary Education and Spanish

Home Town: Spring Hill, FL

During your first year at FSC, you should make sure to enjoy all the events that campus has to offer, such as the winter wonderland.

Kami Pannone

Major: Biology

Home Town: North Port, FL

Go to a studio box show. They are super fun and a nice end to the first week.

Madeline Paquette

Major: Biology

Home Town: Newberry, FL

1. Go to studio box 2. Join clubs 3. Study 4. FSC activities 5. Go to the pool

Celeste Parker

Major: Biology

Home Town: Brandon, FL

1) Attend Blastoff 
2) Tour Campus 
3)Join Clubs
4) Make friends through study groups; major required classes 
5) Attend on campus activities to interact with others

Brittany Ramirez

Major: Marine Biology (Pre-Vet Track) and Psychology

Home Town: Hilton Head Island, SC

Top things to do on campus would be wellness center (including rock climbing, kayaking, pool etc), ACE events, and on campus food places. Top things to do off campus would include downtown Lakeland and The joinery

Rhianna Revicki

Major: Business Administration and Pre-Health

Home Town: Flemington, NJ

get happy place!!! that is the best barbque!

Bri Reynolds

Major: Exercise Science and Spanish

Home Town: Milford, DE

get involved in things that interest you !!

Keith Ritter

Major: Computer Science

Home Town: Cocoa Beach, FL

Join a club and meet like-minded people!

Hailee Schalwig

Major: Environmental Studies, Marine Biology, Communications, and English

Home Town: Fridley, MN

Sit with someone you don't know in the dining hall and start a conversation- it's a super easy way to meet someone new, and they might turn out to be one of your best friends!

Cassidy Schmidt

Major: Communications: Multimedia Journalism, Business Administration

Home Town: Parrish, FL

Jump in and get involved! Being involved is the best way to make friends and learn what’s going on around campus!

Lauren Schreader

Major: Communications: Multimedia Journalism, Film, and Theatre Arts

Home Town: Perham, MN

Join a club or get involved on campus and get out and experience Lakeland!

Kaitlyn Scirica

Major: Accounting and Philosophy

Home Town: Bradenton, FL

Get involved and put yourself out there! You'll never know if you don't try!

Emi Shannon

Major: Music Performance, Psychology, Honors

Home Town: Fort Myers, FL

Take some time for yourself and go to a concert, play, gym, club meeting, or anything to get your mind off school work for even 15 minutes each day.

Hadleigh Shepherd

Major: Psychology

Home Town: Paducah, KY

I think every first year student should definitely visit the beach! You are at college, experience it and as always HAVE FUN ! :)

Gaby Shortridge

Major: Graphic Design, Sports Management, Interdisciplinary Marketing Communication

Home Town: Orlando, FL

Get to know orientation leader/group, understand the layout of the campus, get to know the Lakeland area, get to know your roommate, be excited for the college experience.

Sydney Silva

Major: Graphic Design, Film and Advertising Design

Home Town: Freeport, ME

Keep your door open during the first week of school to welcome people in and start making connections, and get involved in clubs, intramural and organizations on campus to make new friends.

Trey Snell

Major: Psychology and Religion

Home Town: Murfreesboro, TN

Every student should attend studio box, go to blast off, join a team intramural or competitive, go to the winter wonderland, and get photos with Mocsie!

Craig van den Berg

Major: Marketing

Home Town: Pretoria, South Africa,

Get involved! I highly encourage every new student to join at least one club or student lead organization.

Anita Vera

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Nazareth , PA

Go through Greek Life Recruitment, watch a sport game, get a job, play an intramural sport, join a study group.

Zion Virgil

Major: Chemistry and Spanish

Home Town: Nassau, Bahamas,

One of my favorite things to do here is simply sit on a bench and rewind. Freshman year is a very active one and sometimes you just need to take time to be by yourself.

Taylor Wheeler

Major: Psychology, Criminology, and English

Home Town: Windermere, FL

Get involved with organizations as soon as you come to campus! Being involved right when you arrive on campus makes your transition so much easier.

Alia Whiles

Major: Integrative Biology

Home Town: Arvada, CO

I recommend going to the farmers market in downtown lakeland on saturdays!!

Kayla Whisenant

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Oviedo, FL

Get ready to make new memories and make lifelong friends!

Isaac Wardyn

Major: Music: Performance, Political Science, and Pre-Law Studies

Home Town: Chicago, IL

Katy Wood

Major: Communications (Ad & PR and Media strategies & production

Home Town: Dacula, GA

I would tell them to try anything new that interests them before their classes start to pick up. It's very easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially in such a new environment, but trying new things not only gets you new friends, it also helps you learn more about yourself.

Kaleigh Hardesty