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Emergency Preparedness

Extreme Weather Conditions

During Florida’s Hurricane Season, June 1 through November 30, Florida Southern’s Emergency Management Team will carefully monitor tropical storms which could effect Polk County.

Action Plan

Be Prepared

Students and parents are encouraged to formulate a communication plan for use during an emergency. This plan should include a course of action to be taken should telephone and/or electronic service be disrupted.

Safety tips and storm tracking are available before, during and after a hurricane at the National Hurricane Center.

Other Helpful Resources

Additionally, information about FSC cancellations, closings, and openings are broadcast on TV channels WFLA 8, Bay News 9, WTSP 10, and WTVT 13; and radio stations WPCV 97.5 FM, WWRZ 98.3 FM, WONN 1230 AM, and WLKF 1430 AM.

Designated Areas

Designated areas for tornadoes and other emergency situations are posted in each building. Please check your residential hall or building for more information.


If there is any significant change that impacts normal college operations and activities, the community will be alerted via the Web site and the text message system.

During emergency weather situations, anyone may call 863.680.4101 to hear a recorded message about the status of the campus, including whether the campus is operational and who is required to report to work.

Sign Up

Parents who wish to opt-in to the campus emergency text message system may fill out the request form.

Active Shooter/Bomb Threat Plan

Active shooter situations are dynamic, evolve quickly, and demand an immediate response to prevent harm to the community. A report of a shooter or person with a gun will initiate a campus "lock down."

Any bomb threat will be treated as serious, and appropriate evacuation measures will be taken.

View Guide for active shooters and bomb threats at florida southern

Missing Persons Policy

The purpose of the Missing Persons Policy is to set guidelines in the reporting and investigation of missing person(s) that occur on the Florida Southern College campus.

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