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Digital Photography Specifications

Florida Southern College requests that all digital photography be edited to represent the best selection of images from an event or photo shoot. For the College’s purposes, less is more.

Digital Photography Specifications

Digital photographs should be:

  • Maximum quality JPG files
  • Minimum 1200 x 1200 pixels at 72 dpi, preferred 2400+
  • Named by date and event (instructions follow in this document)
  • Tagged with meta data (instructions follow in this document)

Photography that is copyrighted will not be accepted.

Please provide the Office of Marketing and Communications office with these images, on disk, flash drive, or shared folder via Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Apple iCloud.

Florida Southern College requests that photographers keep backup copies of the digital photography for at least one year, and for longer, if possible.

All digital photography should be delivered to:

c/o Office of Marketing and Communications
111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive
Lakeland, FL 33801

File Naming Structures

The goal is to keep names short but know where they belong if the image should get separated from the main folder.

Always begin with the date, title of the event or subject, and underscore to separate from the autogenerated file name.


  • 03-18-2021-Wellness-Center-Director_IMG-7293.jpg
  • 12-01-2021-Day-On-Campus_IMG-4364.jpg

To Batch Metadata For Photos

  1. Open Adobe Bridge CS5
  2. Three window panes open
  3. Select the folder you want to work with in "FOLDERS" tab. (Left pane)
  4. Images open. (Center pane)
  5. Click "COMMAND A" to select ALL images.
  6. METADATA and KEYWORDS open (Right pane)
  7. With all images selected, you can add metadata and it is applied to all images.
  8. In the drop down menu named "IPTC Core" include data in the following fields:
    • Creator - photographer's name
    • Headline - Event name
    • Description - Event name Year (YYYY)
    • Keywords - Florida Southern College, Event Name, other important searchable tags
    • Date Created - MM-DD-YYYY
    • Title - Event name
    • Copyright Notice - Copyright Florida Southern College
  9. Click the small check mark to save all changes (Left pane, lower corner.)

To Batch Rename Photos

  1. Open Adobe Bridge CS5
  2. Three window panes open
  3. Select TOOLS > Batch Rename
  4. Select Destination Folder
    1. You can rename in the same folder (overwrites existing name);
    2. Move to other folder;
    3. or Copy to other folder.
  5. In "New Filenames" Box >
    1. Select "Text" and type in Naming Structure. Be sure to include the underscores. Preview of New Filename will appear.
    2. Select "Sequence Number". This is the first number of the file in this folder.
    3. "Sequence Number" should be set to "Four Digits."

Checking Copyright Information in Images

You can verify the copyright of an image in Preview, Photoshop, or Bridge, if the data has been included in the meta data field.

  • In Preview:
    • Tools > Show Inspector > (select i for information) > IPTC > copyright notice
  • In Photoshop:
    • File > File Info > Description > copyright notice
  • In Bridge:
    • Metadata > IPTC core > copyright notice