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Brand Guidelines

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for overseeing the use of the college’s visual identity and maintaining the design standards of all materials, print or electronic, that are produced by Florida Southern College.

Our team works closely with partners in the Office of Enrollment Management and Office of Development to develop comprehensive communications strategies in support of the college’s recruitment and outreach efforts. In addition, we offer strategic design consultation and services for a wide variety of offices and programs.

Sometimes, you just need advice. We can help with a variety of other services, such as:

  • Art direction
  • Copywriting and editing (in conjunction with the communications office’s editorial team)
  • Marketing consultation
  • Photography coordination
  • Print production management
  • Strategic communications
  • Video
  • Web design (in conjunction with the communication office’s web team)

Brand Resources

Visual Identity

Visual identity is the system by which we communicate who we are through design and graphic elements. At Florida Southern, we have a number of elements available to communicate effectively and consistently with our diverse audiences. Chiefly, these are the Florida Southern College logos, the college seal, colors, and some recommended fonts.

Generally, the stacked Florida Southern College logo is grey and red is the preferred logo for most print materials, posters, signs, and other products conveying the college’s identity. The college’s seal is meant for official, formal college documents (diplomas, for instance), and its use on merchandise and other materials should be reserved for items of a formal nature such as plaques, crystal, etc. Other marks and graphics, including the FSC Graphic Mark and athletic marks are certainly appropriate for certain apparel and products and more informal gifts and other items. For more specific guidance, please review our brand resources.

If you have questions or suggestions about our visual identity, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

For Florida Southern College faculty, staff, and alumni seeking to produce promotional print material, signs, apparel, or other products bearing some aspect of the Florida Southern visual identity, we offer here a collection of logos, wordmarks and graphics for your use, as well as some guidelines for using them. Please note that these are provided for non-commercial use; that is, they are not to be downloaded for use on items for sale to the general public. Such commercial use requires licensing by the College, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for more information.

Students interested in using any of these graphics should work through their College sponsor or professor.


We hire photographers for large-scale campus events, such as Commencement, and to keep our database of campus images current. If you would like to hire a photographer to document your campus event, please check with us. We keep a list of local freelancers and can share that with you. All photographers hired by the College are required to sign a Work for Hire Agreement, and we keep those contracts on file in our office.

Photographers should view the Digital Photography Specifications.

If you’re looking for campus photos, we can help you find them. The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains a searchable collection on the College’s digital asset management system. Please observe all copyright and credit information when using these images. If you’re looking for an image that is not online, please contact the McKay Archives, who may be able to help you find what you need.


We use video as a way to convey the diverse Florida Southern College narrative of people, place, and experience. If you’re a member of the Florida Southern community with an idea for a video, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. Likewise, if you’re a student with an interest in video and multimedia, or if you have a Florida Southern-related video you’d like us to upload to the college’s YouTube Channel, please get in touch.

The Office of Marketing and Communications helps share large-scale events like Commencement with the wider world through live-streaming and/or video capture, though we’re not equipped as a media services operation to record lectures and performances on a regular basis. If your department or office is looking to hire a videographer, the marketing team may be able to help you find a local vendor.

For members of the media seeking to videotape or take photos on campus, please see our media relations policies.

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