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Office of Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Prospective students and parents, please visit Undergraduate Admissions.

The Office of Enrollment Management plays a pivotal role in shaping the institution's financial health, reputation, and student body. It collaborates with financial aid, academic affairs, and student life to ensure student recruitment and retention and showcase Florida Southern College's unique educational opportunities.

The enrollment management team comprises dedicated individuals who oversee undergraduate admissions, adult and graduate admissions, campus visits, operations, and communications – all working together to support prospective students through the college search process.

Office of Enrollment Management Team

John P. Grundig John P. Grundig, MBA

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions counselors, each assigned to specific geographic regions, assist in the admissions process by engaging with prospective students and providing guidance throughout the application process.

Meet the Admissions team

Arden Mitchell Arden Mitchell

Director of Admissions



Adult and Graduate Admission

The Adult and Graduate team works with adults who seek to advance their education.

Meet the Adult and Graduate team

Kristen Pinner Kristen Pinner

Director of Adult and Graduate Admission


Visit Operations

Kelly Thomas Kelly Thomas

Senior Assistant Director for Campus Visits and Programs




Admissions Operations

Melissa Singletary Melissa Singletary


Web Team

Make a Web Request

Daniel Kasmar Daniel Kasmar

Director of Web Development

Riley Kollman Riley Kollman

Web Developer