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Career Services Four-Year Plan

Four-Year Plan

From the moment you enroll until after you graduate, college is filled with countless opportunities to prepare you to accomplish your post-graduation goals.

First Year - Explore

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Connect on Campus

  • Be open to opportunities!
  • Get to know your professors
  • Learn about resources (Student Solutions, Wellness Center, Career Center, Counseling, Writing Center, etc.) available to you
  • Join and become involved with student clubs and organizations
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Increase Career Awareness

  • Activate Handshake account
  • Discuss your career interests with professors, friends, in addition to Career Center staff
  • Attend different Career Center workshops and events
  • Participate in a variety of campus events
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  • List prospective goals that will inspire and motivate you to identify and confirm your chosen career path
  • Create a FSC Bucket List of experiences you hope to accomplish
  • Start thinking about a college resume

Second Year - Experience

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Pick and Choose

  • Discover opportunities to gain experiences through research, internships, and volunteering that relate to your career interest
  • Choose a career path and develop a plan with your professors, Career Center staff, and friends, to prepare you for that career
  • Know what you can handle and remember it is okay to say no when life gets overwhelming
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Learn and Grow

  • Meet with the Career Center to develop your resume and reflect on your experiences so far
  • Take advantage of course projects and use them to focus on career interest
  • Talk with your professors about shadowing and internships
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Build Your Network

  • Create a LinkedIn and use it as a database to build and stay in contact with your network
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your connections by attending Career Center events and workshops
  • Find a mentor(s) on campus who will help you succeed

Third Year - Engage

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Lead the Way

  • Strive for leadership roles on campus through student employment or student organizations  
  • Be a mentor for first year and second year students by having conversations about their career interest and skills
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Know Your Options

  • Learn about various graduate / professional programs that relate to your career paths
  • Meet with your professor along with Career and Internship Coordinators about additional internship and / or research opportunities
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Wake Up

  • Last chance to gain new experiences to showcase your accomplishments and abilities on your resume
  • Discuss last minute opportunities to gain relevant experience with the Career Center

Fourth Year - Enact

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  • Connect with alumni, professors, and Career Center staff to learn about life as a young professional
  • Complete and submit graduate school applications
  • Take advantage of Career Center events and services to fine tune your professional skills
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  • Develop strategies for your career search with the Career Center
  • Utilize Handshake and the network you built to find and obtain employment opportunities
  • Talk with the Career Center and your mentor(s) to help you prepare for life after college
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  • Use the Career Center Services as an Alumni
  • Apply the skills and knowledge you developed at FSC to make a positive and consequential impact on society