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George W. Jenkins Scholarship
Prestige Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the George W. Jenkins Scholarship.

Each year, the George W. Jenkins Scholarship provides five academically talented students the opportunity to study at Florida Southern College free of economic encumbrances.

Apply Now for the jenkins scholarship

Application Priority Deadline 1 - January 31
Application Priority Deadline 2 - February 28

To be considered, students must:

  • Be entering Florida Southern College as a first-time freshman.
  • Be admitted to Florida Southern by the application deadline.
  • Have attained a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale in college preparatory subjects.
  • 25 ACT or 1210 SAT
  • Submit a completed FAFSA and demonstrate financial need as determined by FSC's Financial Aid Office

Provide the following materials:

  • Records of participation and leadership in school or community organizations, evidence of a strong work ethic, and the motivation to succeed are important factors.
  • Two letters of reference that address why the student is deserving of this scholarship, including the student's academic promise, extracurricular involvement, financial need, and an emphasis on the adversity that the student has overcome. You may select anyone from your community who you believe can best address your strength of personal character and your commitment to your education. Recommendations used in support of your admission application, may not be submitted again in support of your scholarship application.

* Recommendations used in support of your admission application, may not be submitted again in support of your scholarship application.

Applicants must also demonstrate exceptional financial need and be U.S. citizens, legal residents of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, or Virginia and a high school graduate entering Florida Southern College as a first-time freshman. 

Students should share and emphasize adversity that they have overcome including but not limited to economic, personal, and family obstacles, while achieving academic success.

Meet Our Scholars

Casey Moulton

Casey Moulton

When Casey Moulton graduated in 2013, he became the first in his immediate family to hold a bachelor’s degree.

But the Jenkins Scholar did not stop there. After attending the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC), Casey caught the attention of numerous graduate programs and ultimately accepted a full scholarship and an assistantship position at the University of Louisville’s master of fine arts theatre arts program.

“I owe my current position as an MFA acting student to the experience and training I had in FSC’s theatre studies,” says Casey. “Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to afford college and take advantage of all that Florida Southern has to offer. The Jenkins scholarship has been an incredible gift.”

Joshua Rivera

Joshua Rivera

It’s not rare to find a Moc with passion. But when you add Jenkins scholarship, you’ll know you’re dealing with a motivated academician with big dreams and the dedication to achieve them. Joshua Rivera is an attorneyhopeful with a detailed plan already set in place as a student at FSC.

He knows that his double major in Political Science and History, coupled with a pre-law professional track is going to give him the knowledge he needs to make it in the competitive field of law.

“Following graduation, I plan on pursuing corporate law and make a considerable effort in contributing to pro-bono work that I am passionate about and getting involved with legal organizations that contribute to lowerincome individuals.”

When it comes to the Jenkins scholarship, he is quick to commend its contribution to his collegiate journey.

“The Jenkins Scholarship is an opportunity not only to pursue a college degree, but to do so without an accompanied financial barrier. Beyond even the affordability aspect, the number of fellow scholars and donators I meet is a learning opportunity that I value.”

Throughout his journey, Joshua has met many peers who taught him, mentored him, and advised him.

“Thanks to FSC, I have learned the value of networking, humility, and recognized my accomplishments and awarded myself with the credit I am due.”

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