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Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars

Spend Your Summer at Florida Southern

As you make summer plans, why not join us on campus at FSC as a Summer Scholar?
Summer is your chance to experience new things and find new passions. Florida Southern’s summer options allow you to:

Live on Campus

New housing and course bundle options make staying on campus to complete summer courses even more affordable!

Fast Track Graduation

Seventy-five online and in-person course options help to accelerate your academic journey, propelling you toward your degree.

Lighten Your Fall Load

Take advantage of FSC's summer options to ease your upcoming semester workload, ensuring a balanced and manageable academic year ahead.

Take a Trip

Seize the chance to venture on a memorable summer trip with FSC, enjoying unforgettable experiences while pursuing academic goals.

Live on Campus

Stay on campus during the summer and enjoy a relaxed, sunny campus lifestyle! You’ll have easy access to the library and other campus services and amenities. More details about campus activities and dining options to come!

Session Dates & Costs

FSC’s Summer Scholars program provides the perfect blend of convenience and affordability; bundled housing and course options offer a seamless path toward achieving your goals. Take multiple classes and save even more time and money!

Bundle One (Four Credit Hours with Housing)
Summer A (May 13 - June 21)
Summer B (June 24 - August 2)
Summer C (May 13 - August 2)
Bundle Two (Eight Credit Hours with Housing)
Summer A (May 13 - June 21)
Summer B (June 24 - August 2)
Summer C (May 13 - August 2)

Twelve (12) credit hours and housing for the full summer is $7,900. (Save $1,000)

Housing Only
Housing for Full Summer (May 13 - August 2)
Early Summer Housing Add-On (May 2 - June 23)
Late Summer Housing Add-On (June 23 - August 3) 
Break Housing Add-On (August 3 - August 18)

Bridge housing between spring and summer sessions is included when you enroll in Summer A, Summer C, or opt to live on campus for the full summer. Students are eligible for add-on break housing (August 3 - August 18) if they lived on campus on August 2.

Undergraduate Summer Tuition Rate
Per Credit Hour

Register Today

Log onto the FSC Portal and plan your summer.

Additional Summer Programs

Students may be interested in the following opportunities with complimentary housing from May 2 to August 2. These programs require completion and acceptance via an application.

Polk Museum of Art summer Fellowship

Polk Museum of Art summer Fellowship

Open to all majors, FSC students are invited to apply for a competitive, paid 6-week Summer Fellowship Program at the Polk Museum of Art.
PMoA Fellowship
Summer Housing Internship Program

Summer Housing Internship Program

Contact Yovan Reyes at for more information about FSC's Summer Housing Internship Program (SHIP).
Local Opportunities

Local Opportunities

Reach out to the Office of Career Services for information about local companies that may provide their summer interns with a housing benefit.
Career Services



How many classes can I take during the summer?

Students can enroll in up to 18 total hours of coursework between Undergraduate Summer A, Undergraduate Summer B, and Undergraduate Summer C. No more than two courses may be taken in any session.

Must I live on campus to participate in summer classes?

No. Summer course options include online classes that allow you to participate from anywhere. However, Florida Southern does offer bundled pricing making on-campus housing more affordable.

How will taking a summer course impact my academic progress for next year? Who should I talk with if I have questions?

Be sure to contact your academic advisor with specific questions concerning how taking courses during the summer will impact degree completion.

I am a current FSC student and want to enroll in summer courses, how do I enroll?

Students can register via the FSC Portal.

I am not an FSC student, but I would like to enroll in a class at FSC and transfer it back to my home institution. How do I enroll?

If you are a degree-seeking student at another institution and would like to take summer courses at FSC to transfer back to your home institution (you are considered a transient student), please complete the registration form and submit a transient student permission form (from your home institution) to the FSC Office of Admissions. The transient permission form must indicate the specific courses that you have been approved to take, and it must be signed by an appropriate individual at your home (current) institution. Don't hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at 863.680.4131 for more information.

I am seeking teacher certification, recertification, or an add-on certification. How do I enroll in courses offered over the summer?

Our teacher workshops are the perfect solution for your professional continuing education needs.

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What holidays or breaks will be observed during summer sessions?

May 30 - Memorial Day
June 19 - Juneteenth
July 4 - Independence Day


I plan to stay local to participate in an internship. May I stay on campus?

Yes. FSC housing available to students who wish to participate in an internship.

Where will students stay for summer sessions?

Housing is available in the Barnett Residential Life complex and select off-campus apartments.

Can I stay in my current room?

Unfortunately, students planning to live on campus during summer sessions cannot stay in their spring semester room assignments.

Will dining options be available on campus?

Yes. On-campus dining options will be available throughout the summer.

Is housing available during the break?

Yes. See dates and costs above.

Financial Aid

Is financial aid available for summer courses?

Yes. Financial aid is available. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at for more information.