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Master of Science in
Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Obtain a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to Advance Your Career

The Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology degree provides you with a broad theoretical background in important processes that occur within different industries and organizations.

Through small class sizes, students participate in meaningful coursework that integrates engaged learning practices, faculty mentored research, professional internships, and captivating field experiences. You’ll be prepared and trained as an expert ready to take on careers in research, consultation, or even career coaching in the public or private sectors. Our program’s unique perspective to the industrial workforce brings value to various industries that seek IO psychologists to help improve productivity, increase efficiency, and promote team-building within an organization.


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May 24

Join us to learn more about our Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program here at FSC!

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Top Reasons to choose Industrial and Organizational Psychology at florida southern college

Expert Faculty

Our faculty are highly published experts with significant practical experience.

Personalized Attention

You’ll get the individual attention needed to advance your career trajectory.

Flexible Schedule

Courses are offered in a combination of online and in-class formats that meet the needs of your busy schedule.

Choose Your Path

Within the curriculum, students may choose either a thesis or internship option depending on your career goals.

STEM Optional Practice Training

The STEM OPT extension allows for 24 months of additional OPT employment authorization for students in specific STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Employment must be directly related to an F-1 student's program of study in an approved STEM field.

Employment Outlook

Median salary for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2018.
Estimated job growth in the field of IO Psychology by 2028.

Outstanding Faculty

The Psychology faculty are housed within the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Florida Southern College. Faculty contributors to the program consist of a diverse group of published, research-oriented professionals with expertise in human factors, organizational culture, leadership, research methods, statistics, industrial psychology, motivation, experimental psychology, and other areas of IO Psychology. Our professors are deeply committed to student success, academic excellence, and provide every student with positive, engaged learning experiences.

Mission Statement

The mission of the IO Psychology program is to prepare students for meaningful careers in the field through understanding and applying psychological principles to the workplace. The program seeks to engage students in academic and applied high impact learning experiences to enable students to make meaningful contributions to organized life. The program endeavors to instill professional skills through coursework, relevant research, and professional internships.

Innovative Engaged Teamwork Model

Each semester, students in the program will be assigned to small groups that work together across courses to complete group-based projects. The purpose of the group work is to give each student a chance to interact directly with cohort members and experience different work styles. Although the bulk of one’s responsibilities in each course involves independent work, every course will include a group project to ensure that students hone and develop important social skills necessary for the workplace. Students either meet in-person or virtually on their projects.

When the semester concludes, the group dissolves and new groups are formed for the following semester. In this way, students will get a chance to work with everyone in their cohort on an intensive basis creating a lifetime of connections (and friends!) along the way. Your group experiences are not just a great way to get to know your fellow classmates, they represent an applied laboratory for understanding fundamental principles of industrial and organizational psychology.

Dr. David CS Richard, MBA
- Department Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences

The mission of the IO Psychology graduate program is to develop in students the theoretical and practical foundations for a meaningful lifetime of work in the field. Our aspiration is to recruit the very best students into a program that emphasizes teamwork and rigorous study to ensure that students graduate with the intellectual, practical, and social skills needed for a successful career.

Read More about Dr. David CS Richard, MBAMeet Our Faculty

Meet our Mocs

Nehu Bain

Child Welfare Case Manager

I aspire to make a difference in the work environment. By earning a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, I will be able to use my knowledge to enhance my role in social work. My experience with my cohort and Florida Southern College has been nothing short of amazing. He insures that all students are heard and their ideas are considered.

Rachel Hunt

Accounts Receivable Analyst

One of the main reasons I chose Florida Southern over other programs was because of the hybrid delivery. I am able to have in-person engagement and learning that works with my busy schedule. The student-to-professor ratio was also important. My professors have gone out of their way to create relevant learning opportunities and guidance toward meaningful internships.

Jason Kemelman

When deciding on an IO Psychology program, FSC stood out the most. Having the opportunity to choose between a thesis option or internship were important as I was not 100% decided on my future plans.  Working with my cohort has been a great experience.  Dr. Ligato has created an environment where the coursework is challenging, but there is great collaboration and support. I have enjoyed being encouraged to expand my critical thinking under the guidance of the faculty.

Adara Richter

I had a fantastic experience as an undergraduate student, therefore, it was an easy decision to trust Florida Southern to guide me through the next phase of my continued education.  I've been exposed to content across disciplines and gained knowledge in decision making, talent selection, and talent appraisal, statistics and research. The curriculum is robust and the faculty is readily available to the students.  I have appreciated the opportunity to meet one on one to discuss class topics in depth and expound on my own topics of interest.  My goal is to take the knowledge acquired and create a better experience for our employees and ultimately to prepare our team for extended growth.

Jessica Rodriguez

I knew a graduate program at Florida Southern was the right choice for me. I have expanded my overall statistical knowledge, learned about enacting change within organizations, and benefited from the conversations and ideas shared by cohort members. The professors create an environment dedicated to student success.

Program Details

Weeknight Hybrid

Students enjoy a convenient class schedule through a hybrid format. Each week, students attend two courses — one online and one on campus.

  • Official transcripts of all academic work
  • Current Résumé
  • Applicant must have an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution as verified by an official transcript of all undergraduate work completed with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 overall.
  • Recommendation Form or Letter of Reference (Academic or Work-Related Preferred)
  • Personal statement that reflects your interest in industrial and organizational (IO) psychology program and in our program, specifically. Your essay should not exceed 2000 words, and it should be organized in a well-written format that clearly addresses all of the following questions:
    1. Why are you interested in the MS IO psychology program?
    2. How do your interests in IO psychology relate to your career goals?
    3. Describe any experiences that have prepared you for success in our program.
    4. Explain how your knowledge, skills, and abilities align with our program and our program’s mission statement.

4+1 Admission Requirements

  •  Completed Application (Students are encouraged to apply for admission during their Junior year).
  • Current Résumé
  • Personal Statement of Professional Goals that reflects your interest in industrial and organizational (IO) psychology program and in our program, specifically. Your essay should not exceed 2000 words, and it should be organized in a well-written format that clearly addresses all of the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in the MS IO psychology program?
    • How do your interests in IO psychology relate to your career goals?
    • Describe any experiences that have prepared you for success in our program.
    • Explain how your knowledge, skills, and abilities align with our program and our program’s mission statement.
  • One letter of recommendation (academic reference preferred)
  • GPA of 3.0+ overall (cumulative)
  • Must have 93+ undergraduate credit hours completed at the start of the program.
  • MSIO Director Approval

Additional International Requirements

  • Official Translated Transcripts With Course By Course Evaluation**
  • Bank Letter Verifying Funds of Sponsor***
  • Sponsor's Guarantee Form
  • Valid Passport
  • Official TOEFL/IELTS Score****

** SpanTran (discount available), Academic Evaluation Services, Inc., Josef Silny, or World Education Services or another similar approved transcript evaluation agency.

*** A bank letter is a written statement on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official.

**** Must have completed an English language training program or at least one year at an English speaking institution to waive the TOEFL/IELTS testing requirement.

Course descriptions are available in the academic catalog.

Academic Catalog

Required Courses - 33 hours

Course Number Course Name
PSY 6100 Statistics and Research Methods I
PSY 6150 Industrial Psychology
PSY 6200 Statistics and Research Methods II
PSY 6250 Organizational Psychology
PSY 6300 Workplace Motivation
PSY 6350 Personnel Selection
PSY 6400 Training and Development
PSY 6450 Leadership
PSY 6500 Special Topics in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 6960/6961 Internship in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 6970/6971 Thesis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Program Total - 33 hours

Florida Southern College reserves the right to revise fee schedules.


Base Required Fees Cost
Tuition Per Credit Hour $800
Technology fee per semester is based on credit hours enrolled $30 to $120

$250 Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit (Upon acceptance and applied toward your first semester tuition balance)

*Tuition will be billed prior to the beginning of each semester based on credit hours. Tuition must be paid by the first day of class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different than other graduate programs in psychology?

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the intersection of psychology, business, and computer science. It studies emotions, cognition and behavior in the workplace.

Are online courses asynchronous?

This program includes an in-person course and an online course each semester. There will be times when the online course has synchronous (scheduled) meeting times.

What types of careers will I be prepared for with a degree in IO Psychology?

IO Psychologists work in various fields, including Human Resources, Training and Development and a variety of other positions in industry and academia, including non-profit organizations, religious institutions, military organizations, as well as large corporations.

Will this program prepare me for a PhD in a related field?

Toward the end of our MSIO program, students have the opportunity to choose an internship route or a thesis route. The internship option will prepare the student to go to work in an IO-related field. The thesis option is for students who are interested in preparing for a doctorate program.

How does the internship option work?

Our faculty have developed relationships with various employers in the Central Florida area that offer internships in the field of IO psychology. In their second year of study, students will work with their program director to coordinate relevant internship experiences in an appropriate setting.

Program Contact

Kimberly Smith

Admission Counselor and Advisor