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Honors Program

Why Apply to the Honors Program?

You’ll benefit from additional resources and privileges designed to propel you along your career path. Guided by the College’s most distinguished faculty, you’ll find yourself taking your learning beyond the classroom through advanced course work, greater opportunities for self-directed study, special lectures and symposia, and a rich array of social events.

The Honors application for 2025 - 2026 will open in Fall 2024

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Applicants to the Honors Program may submit applications by either the January 3 or March 1 deadline. Decisions regarding Honors Program admission will be made and communicated by mid-February or late March respectively. Students wishing to know about their admission to the Honors Program early should chose the January deadline, but there is no disadvantage to choosing the deadline that works for you; applications will be evaluated in the same way regardless of which deadline they are submitted.


  • Priority class registration
  • Take up to 2 credit hours per semester at no additional cost
  • Completion of a two-year capstone project researched with a faculty member in your field
  • Honors Living/Learning Community housing option for first-year students
  • Opportunities to present and publish your work
  • Small, interactive seminars led by top faculty
  • Special lectures, symposia, and networking events
  • Access to a private, on-campus study lounge
  • Students who meet the 3.5 GPA and 29 ACT / 1330 SAT requirements for the Premiere/Prestige scholarship may apply to the Honors program within the Premiere/Prestige scholarship application before the January 3 deadline.

Honors Course Progression

With an emphasis on scholarly inquiry, your honors coursework will challenge you to "think big." You’ll have opportunities to collaborate with faculty and peers from other disciplines while gaining greater insight into your own major.

First Year
HON 1700 Writing on Contemporary Social Issues
HON 1701 Speaking on Contemporary Social Issues
HON 1990 Honors First Year Seminar

Second Year
Honors Liberal Arts Course
HON 2990 Honors Second Year Seminar

Third Year
HON 3955, 3956 Honors Directed Study
Submit Thesis Proposal and Present Proposal at Fiat Lux

Fourth Year
HON 4955, 4956 Thesis Writing
Submit Final Thesis
Present Thesis at Fiat Lux

Honors Student Qualifications

Honors is a community of writers, artists, scientists, musicians, and business leaders who share a common thread of intellectual promise and self-motivation.

To apply to the Honors Program, students must:

  • Have at least a 3.5 weighted GPA
  • Write a supplemental letter to the committee
  • Demonstrate at least three markers of excellence* from areas of academic excellence, extracurricular experience, or leadership and citizenship.

* You are not required to have one from each section, just three from the overall list

Academic Excellence

  • Submission of a piece of academic work for the committee to evaluate (examples may include: lab report, research paper, or critical analysis of a creative work)
  • National, state, district, or school-wide awards for academics (examples may include: quiz bowl, debate, robotics competitions)
  • At least 16 anticipated college credits earned through AP, IB, AICE, or classes at another college/university (see advanced credit policies)
    Advanced Credit Policies
  • Class rank in the top 10% or top reporting division of your high school
  • 1330 SAT or 29 ACT superscore
  • Participation in AVID, Upward Bound, GEAR UP, or other college preparatory programs
  • EMT, CNA, or other industry certifications

Extracurricular Experience

  • Demonstrated initiative in an extracurricular setting (applicants who have started new clubs or initiatives, or contributed to new developments or projects within an organization)
  • Participation in advocacy or interest groups, partisan or nonpartisan political activities, or community organizing
  • Participation in JROTC
  • Consistent record of working to improve and give back to your community (participation and leadership in trash pickups, volunteer tutoring, working in a food bank, or other community service work)
  • Participation in career-oriented extracurricular activities (DECA, FBLA, FFA, HOSA, or similar)
  • Excellence in a challenging skill or trade (e.g., a musical instrument, computer programming, auto repair)
  • Submission of creative works (stories, poetry, photography, films)

Leadership and Citizenship

  • Reliable performance in a paid position or volunteer job
  • History of acting as a caretaker at home or in the community
  • Girl Scout Gold Award, Boy Scout Eagle Scout rank, or similar
  • Accomplishments in a school community (applicants who hold leadership positions like school newspaper editor, student council, orientation leaders, or similar)


Honors Applicant Examples

3.92 weighted GPA. Has spent the last four summers as a camp counselor for younger children. Attended their state’s HOSA conference last year. Their high school reports rank in quartiles and they are within the top 25%.

3.59 weighted GPA. Second place at national school newspaper competition. National Honor Society member. Began a toy drive for foster children.

4.26 weighted GPA. Has worked on political campaigns for two years supporting an issue they care about. Spends most afternoons caring for younger siblings while parents work. Submitted a lab report to Honors committee from their AP Biology class.

4.10 weighted GPA. Has been highly engaged in their high school’s AVID program. Taught self to play the ukulele. Student body secretary.

3.79 weighted GPA. 1430 SAT score. Works 15 hrs/week at a local grocery store. Will have earned their AA through dual enrollment courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honors classes more difficult?

Honors classes are not more difficult in the sense that the material you are learning is more advanced. Honors classes challenge students to think differently, communicate with students in other disciplines, and work with faculty throughout the College. The interdisciplinary nature of the Honors Program is meant to make you think and apply materials to current events and topics, as opposed to the unilateral process of a course offered as a single topic.

If I didn’t enter Florida Southern College as an Honors student, can I join the program?

Students who are already enrolled at Florida Southern and wish to apply to the program must do so by the end of their first semester at Florida Southern College. In order to be considered, students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

What about transfer students?

Transfer students may also be eligible for the Honors Program on a case-by-case basis, particularly if they were honors students at their previous schools.

Does Florida Southern offer additional Honors Programs in my major?

Several programs offer honors options, including Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion. Please contact your counselor for more information.

What are the academic requirements to remain in the Honors Program?

Honors students, as academic leaders on the campus, must maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and quality. Students must earn a ‘C’ or higher in all honors courses and maintain a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or higher to graduate from the Honors Program.

Can I participate in the Honors Program if I come in with college credit or an AA degree?

The Honors Program curriculum is 23 to 26 credit hours, in addition to required major hours. This means that Southern College’s Honors Program requires six semesters to complete, and students with plans of spending at least 3 years as undergraduates at Florida Southern are ideal candidates for the program. Students entering Florida Southern with substantial college credits who plan to accelerate their graduation timeline significantly (graduating in less than 3 full years) are encouraged to focus their talents within their academic program, research opportunities, academic honor societies, and other opportunities on campus rather than the Honors Program.

Are there scholarships for Honors Program students?

No, participation in the Honors Program itself does not come with any specific scholarship programs, and it does not add additional charges at FSC. However, many Honors Program applicants would be excellent applicants for the Prestige and Premier Scholarships, which offer additional aid opportunities.

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