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The Perfect Time to Participate Getting Started

The Justice Teaching Center for Civic Learning implements the Justice Teaching partnership program. Initiated in 2006 during his tenure as Chief Justice, R. Fred Lewis created the partnership initiative to connect teachers with judges and attorneys to assist with civics, government, and law lessons in the classroom. The initiative was born from his experiences with classroom visits throughout his time on the Court. Many partnerships currently exist with elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Florida. We have lessons aligned with our state standards in civics and government.

If you are a teacher and would like to have a volunteer judge or attorney partner with your school, please sign up by completing the form under Teacher Sign Up below. If you are a judge or attorney and would like to sign up to partner with a school, please sign up below under the appropriate section. Let us know on the form if you have a specific grade or school preference. If you have a local school or teacher you would like to be partnered with, please include this information on the form.

We will provide you with details on the program and how to initiate contact with your partner. We provide tips and resources to ensure successful classroom experiences. If you have any questions, please contact