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Politics, Law, and Economics Lecture Series

The PLE Lecture Series is designed to highlight the ways in which politics, law and economics work together to sustain free enterprise. International and nationally renowned scholars, journalists and policy-analysts visit Florida Southern and share their insight and experience with students. Open to the public, this series is a great opportunity to meet experts in various fields.
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Seed-to-Scale Program

Seed-to-Scale Program is FSC’s business incubation process. We offer a comprehensive process that allows FSC students to turn their ideas into startup companies. Through offering education, resources, and financial support every student at FSC has access to what they need to chase their wildest dreams! If you are interested in launching a startup while at FSC, please email Justin Heacock at

Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp Fellowship in Business, Free Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship

Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp in Business, Free Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship provides qualified business majors, especially those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, the opportunity to experience real-life work situations through an internship/mentorship program with a host company. Upon satisfactory completion of the post-internship report, students will receive the Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp Fellowship Certificate in Entrepreneurship, as well as a scholarship of up to $8,000. To find out more, please download the brochure and application.

The application deadline is October 15th.

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Teaching High School Economics Workshop

The Teaching High School Economics workshops, hosted by the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, brings together High school teachers from 6 surrounding counties to show how economics can be better taught in the classroom. Sessions cover subjects such as “Gains from Trade & Exchange“; “Property Rights & Markets“ and “Supply & Demand“. One 3 hour workshop each semester assists high school teachers as they educate their students to more fully understand the benefits of a free market economy.

The Spring 2019 workshop - TEACHING ELASTICITY & CORPORATE WORLD ISSUES TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - was held on February 26th. Dr. Bias, Dr. Connors and Dr. Newman gave great insight on the following: Stretching Your Knowledge of Elasticity; Understanding Market Structures; and Case Studies of Monopoly, Regulations & Competition. Our workshops are open to all Florida high school teachers and students teachers and begin at 5:00 PM.

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Prize for Economic Freedom

The annual Prize for Economic Freedom is awarded to individuals who have provided outstanding support for free enterprise and related institutions like the rule of law and pluralistic politics. Recipients of the award have included William Becker, Ed Crenshaw, and H. Fisk Johnson from the world of business, authors and academics F.H Buckley and Peter Schweizer, and Senator Phil Gramm from the political sphere.
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