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We guarantee every student an internship.

Internships are a crucial part of experiential education — giving you the exposure, training, and mentorship necessary for a successful career in a highly competitive job market.

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The Washington Center

Florida Southern College is the only private institution of higher education in the state of Florida to affiliate with The Washington Center.

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Great Companies. Great Experiences.

Don’t wait until after you graduate to gain experience in your field. Our students intern around the globe with Fortune 500 companies.

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Meet our Mocs

photo of Mark Atwater


Bartow, FL

10th Judicial Circuit Office of the Public Defender


I worked on a murder case and summarized 600 pages of discovery for an attorney. I loved feeling like a part of the team. I was responsible for outlining what happened at the scene of the murder. When I went to the crime scene I played out what happened. I explained to the murder attorneys what the discrepancies were in each persons depositions. It was amazing.


During the murder case I worked on, I was able to compile a list of neighbors who swore that they saw certain things and made a list of it on a map of the neighborhood. When I got to the crime scene, I walked to each neighbors house to see how accurate their sworn depositions were. I found a huge discrepancy with one of the neighbors and made a note of it for the attorney. The discrepancy was that one neighbor said their surveillance camera saw the entire thing, but when I went to that particular surveillance camera I noticed it was blocked by trees. I told the attorney who praised my thinking and ability to think of small things like that.

photo of Shealyn Robinson


Home of the Sparrow & Family Health Partnership Clinic

Mchenry/Crystal Lake, Illinois


I had to both apply and interview for two positions. I found the shelter and the clinic through searching in need shelters in my area and off of the recommendations from the hospital staff I had previously volunteered with.


I volunteered at a home for domestic abuse victims and a female health clinic near my home every week. My role was to tutor these women so that they were able to finally pass the GED at the end of their sessioEmily McPartlinns with me!

I enjoyed being able to actually make an impact through volunteering. Sometimes in a clinical setting, you don’t feel like you’re actually participating in the establishments mission, but in these settings I was able to lend the knowledge and experience I had for the betterment of my own community. Being underqualified to teach some of the subjects was a challenge I had to outsource to become better. Making activities for the one dyslexic women in my group was challenging and required patience and creativity to see something I find natural in a different light, and then create a learning system based off of something I cannot experience.


I am now more compassionate and patient and appreciate the opportunities I was set up with much more now than I did before this summer. Simple things like being able bodied and mentally sound are things I did not fully appreciate before my tutoring and clinical experience this summer. This relates to my career goals or being a health care provider, though not necessarily my major.

students in a lab
photo of Jordan Howard


Manhattan, Kansas

Kansas State University


My faculty mentor, Dr. Smith, recommended that I look into summer research programs to gain additional experience before applying for graduate school, so I searched for summer research programs in my field of interest, behavioral neuroscience. I came across the application at Kansas State and was very interested in the lab there.


We designed a task to parse out three individual components of episodic-like memory in rats (what, where, and when), but with the current design, we believed we were only see the utilization of two components. My graduate research mentor and I sat down and brainstormed how we could alter the task to correctly parse out the third component. After reading many journal articles and thinking critically about the issue at hand, I proposed an idea to implement in the task to look at the third component. We altered the task to reflect the idea, which allowed us to further analyze the third component and perfect the task.


My lab members were very open and accepting, and made me feel like a vital member of the lab from the very beginning. I went into work every day knowing that I was going to be challenged intellectually and pushed to do the best research possible. This has helped me, not only as a researcher, but also in my everyday life. My summer research experience greatly increased my knowledge of my major. Most importantly, I was able to take the techniques and procedures I have learned in my lectures and utilize them myself. It is one thing to read about Pavlov utilizing classical conditioning, but when you use the techniques yourself, you gain a deeper and more profound knowledge and respect for the field.


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photo of Jake Griner


Bethesda, Maryland

National Cancer Institute


As part of the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology, my research focused on immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer.


I worked on chordoma, a rare cancer that my father passed away from which is only being studied in a handful of labs worldwide. I looked at ways to combine radiation therapy (a standard of care for Chordoma) with Erbitux (cetuximab), an FDA approved monoclonal antibody. My research found that radiation sensitizes tumor cells to cetuximab treatment, providing the rationale for a study to evaluate the efficacy of Cetuximab and Radiation for chordoma.

photo of Kallie Motola


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Trash Mountain Project and Armor Fe Esperanza (EFA)


In Honduras, my team and I built a home for a family previously living on the city trash dump. We worked with EFA, which is a free school for children in every grade, and it provides education, clothing, and meals. I went to Honduras through Ridge Point Community Church. Each year it sends a team on a mission trip, and this past summer it was with Trash Mountain Project.


I knew it was my turn to make a difference in a family’s life! I enjoy helping family members change their lives for the better. One family of three that I worked with — Antonio, Datiana and Reyna — has been living in a home made out of trash from the dump. Datiana, the youngest, has been unable to attend school because she has had to help her family work. Helping all of them get to a better place and give Datiana better opportunities was what I enjoyed most! The most challenging part for me was not staying longer.

While building the home, I connected deeply with Datiana and found out that her favorite color is pink. We eventually saved enough money to paint one of the panels in her room pink. It was so exciting to see that happen! Psychology classes at FSC helped me understand different cultures in comparison to that of the United States and the western world.

Here are some of the outstanding internships our students have recently completed across the country and around the world.

Amanda Christiansen
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The main part of my internship was work with a crew of 4-5 other researchers to complete the National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA) created by the EPA. We traveled around Florida to assess different streams and rivers and collect all samples and measurements we could.

Christian Gilbreath
Oregon Health and Science University

I created value system matrix in coordination with online department application. Researched potential new database systems for compliance and overall management operations, created RFP, implementation plan for new system.

Alexandra Zimmer
State Attorney's Office - Bartow, Florida

A large part of my internship hours were spent doing legal research in order to apply relevant case law to the matter at hand. I was also able to sit in on trials, various types of hearings, and interviews with those involved in the prosecution process.

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