Academic Support
Dedicated to your Success

It takes a community:
Peers, Professors, and Professionals

When you are accepted and join the Florida Southern community you gain access to a team of academic professionals who will be dedicated to your success.

Academic Advisors

You will be assigned a primary academic advisor to help:

  • provide mentorship and guidance as you choose a major and career path
  • understand the class registration process
  • navigate degree and general education requirements
  • explore and determine career goals and support you with other degree-completion/ post-graduation goals

Career Counselors

A team of industry focused career counselors are available to guide you forward:

  • evaluate your interests
  • put together a personalized four year success plan to guide your activities
  • prepare you to ace the big interviews and stand out in a crowd

New Student Advising

New first-year students

  1. Fill out the Course Preference Form — first-year students will complete a course preference form that will be used by your advisor to shape your schedule
  2. An advisor will build your schedule and go over it with you in detail at Orientation
  3. You will meet with a team of advisors at Orientation to on-board you into life at Florida Southern

New transfer students

  • Be sure you have sent all transcripts of earned college credit.
  • Prior to the start of the semester, phone advising meetings will be offered on select days (check with your Admissions Counselor for more details)
  • Your advisor will build a schedule that takes into consideration your prior credit earned, intended major and class interests.

You Provide the Drive.
We Provide the Support.

We believe the students we choose have the right combination of academic preparation, intellectual curiosity, and grit to succeed! That’s why we review thousands of applications each year to select students who are a perfect fit for FSC. You provide the drive and we will provide you with all the support you need to complete your degree!

Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) focuses on learning more effective study methods while also having a guide direct students through a weekly lesson. PASS leaders plan sessions around the most difficult topics so students are able to deepen their understanding of course material each week.

S3 Tutoring

Scholars Strengthening Scholars (S3) offers students a chance to meet with a Peer Scholar for general support in class specific subject areas. This is a great place for students to ask questions while working through homework and studying. Peer Scholars are available to help students with their individual coursework and understanding.

Writing Center

The FSC Writing Center is a place for students to bring written work. Students have a 30 minute session with a writing tutor to discuss the written work and ways for students to make improvements. These sessions are designed for students to build writing skills — better writers, not just better papers!

Career Readiness:
Luck favors the prepared

In addition to hands-on classroom experiences, Florida Southern also provides ample connections through our extensive professional and alumni network. From Fortune 500 companies to non-profits and local startups, our network will open doors and facilitate connections.

Career & Intern­ship Expos

Florida Southern brings together the best and brightest in central Florida with top businesses and students getting a chance to meet each other.

Career Explor­ation Nights

Students have an opportunity to learn more about potential career paths from seasoned professionals and alumni.

"Moc" Interview Days

We help our students to acquire the skills they need to stand out by interviewing with real business recruiters to get open, honest, and constructive feedback.

Graduate School Fairs

Every year Florida Southern hosts dozens of the top graduate schools for our students to learn more about continuing their academic careers.