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Justin Heacock, M.S.

Director of the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship



I focus on what I call "maturing a student's perspective of the world". Research shows us that most entrepreneurs first achieve success in their thirties. This comes after they have tried and failed multiple times in business. In the Entrepreneurship Minor, I focus on introducing unique products and problems that broaden a student's understanding of the world to shorten this runway. If we can get students to start higher probability startups by expanding their perspective, then hopefully they can find success more quickly.

-Justin Heacock



Mr. Heacock is the Director of the Center for Free Enterprise & Entrepreneurship at Florida Southern College. Mr. Heacock has a M.S. in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technology from USF and a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from FSU. Mr. Heacock’s passion is working with startup companies where he has consulted with over 450 student led startups that are now valued at over $150 million dollars. As an entrepreneur himself, Mr. Heacock is 4 time founder with experiences in the healthcare industry and consumer goods.