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Jack Penrose

Admissions Counselor


Having taught in Europe, Australia, and the USA, I believe it is my inter-cultural understanding that helps me build relationships with prospective students, helping connect them to this special place and offering my own experiences as a student here and my experiences in the classroom to help make the right decisions for them.

-Jack Penrose

France Admissions Center




Where Are You From?

I am originally from Reading, a small-ish town just outside of London in the UK. In the last 15 years I’ve moved around a bit to France, Spain, Australia, and moved to Florida in 2018. I moved to Lakeland in August 2023.

Something Surprising About Me

Something surprising about me is that in 2021 I was fortunate enough to win a USA Rugby League National Championship with the local Tampa Mayhem Rugby League Team, defeating the Delaware Foxes by 60 points to 10!


  • B.A. (Hons) in French and Spanish from the University of Bath (UK).
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Bath.
  • MBA from Florida Southern College


Favorite Places to Hang Out in Lakeland

I absolutely adore Lake Hollingsworth, and can normally be found walking the lake in the winter months. Aside from that, I’m a huge fan of Swan Brewing, The Joinery, and Munn Park.

Favorite Restaurant in Lakeland

Palace Pizza! I go for the delicious pizza, but I stay for the sensational garlic knots! I also really like Concord Coffee and am very partial to a little place in South Lakeland known as Doña Julia’s.

The Perfect Saturday

A perfect Saturday for me is a luxury lie-in, watching my beloved Bath Rugby win while I sip coffee, spend time with my girlfriend and our dog (Bentley), then go out and explore this beautiful state.

Favorite TV Shows/Books

I enjoy books where I can learn something, my favourite recently was How to Get Rich by Ramit Sethi, whereas for TV Shows, I want pure escapism! I like Yellowstone and its spin-offs, True Detective, and New Girl, but I’ll watch just about anything!

Other Interests

In my spare time, I love watching rugby, going to the movies, walking, travel, but am happiest spending time with good people.