Talk Like the Mocs: Campus Lingo

Apr 9, 2021

by Sarah Dube '23
Communications Assistant

If you want to walk the Moc walk, you have to talk the Moc talk. Here at FSC, our campus has its own unique language and lingo that students and staff alike are familiar with. Get a jumpstart with this list of phrases that are commonplace on campus.


Mocs- Any and all members of the Florida Southern community

Single Sign-on- All of your campus resources can be accessed from this one log-in point. This includes our online learning platform, your school email, and the Portal. 

The Portal- Your one-stop shop for any information you may need on campus. Whether it’s your grades, your class schedule, or important forms to fill out, you can find it on the Portal

Canvas- Our online learning platform! You’ll have access to all of your classes from here including assignments, syllabi, and any other resources provided by your professors.

Engage- Getting involved on-campus is easy with Engage. Accessible from Single Sign-on, Engage gives you a complete view of the events going on on-campus. 

Handshake- Looking for some extra cash? Find yourself a job on our primary online recruitment system. Including on and off-campus work opportunities, plus get a headstart on creating your resume.

ACE- The Association of Campus Entertainment is a student run organization that handles all of the on-campus entertainment. From concerts to guest speakers to free prizes and giveaways, ACE always has something up their sleeves.  

Snake Bites- Our meal plan operates on Snake Bites- your on-campus food currency. Accessible through the GET app, Snake Bites refill weekly and can be used at any on-campus dining location.

Mocbucks- Mocbucks are the secondary currency that can be refilled on the Portal and can be used in the bookstore and for certain items at the Moc Mart.

Moc Mart- If you’re needing a quick snack before class or a cool drink on your way to the Wellness center, you can find it at the Moc Mart. Our on-campus convenience store has everything you may need to stock your dorm’s fridge or satisfy midnight snack cravings.