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Zach on stage

Meet a Moc: Zach D'Onofrio

Apr 8, 2024

Zach is a recent graduate of the FSC Music department where he pursued a degree in music management. With a passion for the music industry ignited by experiences such as being a contestant on American Idol, Zach chose FSC for its renowned program and supportive community. Through coursework, internships, and hands-on experiences, he has honed his skills in music production, artist representation, and business management. We sat down with Zach to discuss his experience at FSC as well as his future plans.

What is music management and what is some of the coursework surrounding the major?

Music managers can be described as a person who exists to represent music makers. They ask the question, “How can I help the artist I represent reach their goals?” Music production, music performance, and artist promotion are the day-to-day aspects within the industry. More difficult tasks for someone in music management would be to negotiate contracts in order to collect payments for an artist. The music business course as well as the final internship course have prepared me to fully take on a music career.

How have your hands-on experiences, like working with Taylor Swift’s producer, shaped your approach to music production?

Watching a professional who has been in the industry for over 40 years was mind-blowing. Session musicians often come into the studio, learn the songs on spot, and finish about 3-5 songs in an hour. Most musicians have never even played together before, and the producer is the person who keeps them in line. While working with Taylor Swift’s producer, we were able to knock out 10 songs in a 4-hour session. This experience taught me to truly learn the equipment I am using, and understand the lingo used by musicians.


How did FSC’s resources and faculty help you hone your craft?

The support has been remarkable, especially in aspects like obtaining internships and real-world experiences. The support of each teacher and the entire music program was the reason I wanted to push myself to go out of my comfort zone and aim for my goals.

What made you choose FSC over other programs?

I chose FSC specifically for their music management program. After my experience on American Idol, I knew I wanted to be involved in the music business – so it was the perfect opportunity. I loved the size of the school as well. I knew I’d be able to learn quickly and more efficiently given the hands-on staff.

How did the Center for Free Enterprise help you build your own business while at FSC?

The business was called Cottage-house, it was a portable music studio. Being a part of the business side of FSC truly helped in this passion. Thanks to Dr. Falcon and Justin Heacock I was able to follow through with my idea, and created a presentation that placed me as a finalist in our business competition. Having my own company is my dream, and being in Nashville has made it easier to accomplish.

What’s next for you after graduating from FSC?

Since leaving FSC, I have now started my Masters of Business Administration at Belmont University in Nashville. It has been a wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t have made this move if it wasn’t for the internship course in the music management program. FSC set me up to become successful, and without the staff, students, and vast learning experiences, I wouldn’t be fulfilling my dreams today.

As he embarks on his next adventure in the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Zach remains committed to his dreams of making a lasting impact in the music industry and credits FSC with providing him the skills needed to be successful.