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Exterior of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel on a sunny day.

Florida Southern College Announces Establishment of Architecture School on Historic Frank Lloyd Wright Campus

May 20, 2024

Florida Southern College is proud to announce the establishment of the Florida Southern College School of Architecture on the historic Frank Lloyd Wright campus in Lakeland, Florida. Set to open fall 2025, this groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in the College's commitment to architectural education and preservation and offers unparalleled opportunities for students to learn and excel in the field of architecture.


The Florida Southern College School of Architecture will offer a unique blend of academic rigor, hands-on experience, and a deep appreciation for architectural heritage. Located on the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright campus, renowned for its innovative designs and historical significance, the school will provide students with state-of-the-art facilities, including design studios, fabrication labs, and a research center.

"We are excited to embark on this journey of excellence in architectural education," said Dr. Anne Kerr, President of Florida Southern College. "Our partnerships with renowned architects underscores our dedication to preserving architectural heritage while educating the next generation of visionary architects."

This unique program will offer study abroad opportunities in Florence, Italy and Tokyo, Japan as well as immersive internships with leading architectural firms. Additionally, students will have opportunities to work alongside industry professionals offering mentorship and real-world experience as early as their freshman year.

The School of Architecture will be housed in the iconic Ordway Building, one of 16 structures designed by Wright on the Florida Southern campus. This historic building will serve as an inspiring and fitting backdrop for the education of future architects.

Exterior of the Ordway Building at Florida Southern College

"We are blessed that this next stage of educational excellence is being funded through a generous benefactor who will ensure that Florida Southern makes a profound impact on the architecture profession and thus on our lives as we live and work in the structures our graduates will design," said Dr. Kerr.

The School of Architecture will begin by offering an undergraduate architecture degree program, and the master's architectural degree program will begin in 2028; thusly, students can progress straight through to earn their graduate degree. Florida Southern College will commence the search for a Dean to lead the new School of Architecture in June 2024.

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