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Five Reasons You Should Take a Class This Summer

Jun 15, 2023

The summer is a great time to relax and recharge, but you can also use it to be highly productive!

With FSC's second summer session spanning only six weeks, it's a great time to knock out a few credits and stay ahead of your degree requirements.

Here are five reasons you should consider taking a course this summer.

Complete a prerequisite or core class.
Not super excited about fulfilling your General Education courses. Why not take ENG 3200 Writing for Business (Gen Ed: EC-B) to fulfill your Effective Communication requirement or PED 1005 Wellness Management (Gen Ed: Well) to meet the Wellness requirement? You might learn a few things that will help you in the future!

Summer's also a great time to get some prerequisites out of the way. Natural science, computer science, and nursing majors — why not knock out Biostatistics (MAT 2032)? Accounting, business administration, and economics folks — take Business IT Tools (BUS 2220). By the fall, you'll be ready to conquer more advanced topics.

Add a minor.
Earning a minor has clear benefits: you can complement your major and develop interdisciplinary strengths. What's more, a minor lets you explore fields outside your major. Look through the summer course list and think strategically about your career.

Business majors might benefit from a Spanish minor. And STEM majors can strengthen their communication and reasoning skills with an English or history minor.

You can also support your major with a minor in a similar field. A political science major with a history minor builds strong analytical and writing skills. A marketing major with a minor in psychology combines research skills with an understanding of human behavior.

Classes begin June 26! Explore summer options here »

Graduate early.
If early graduation is your goal, taking two classes during Summer B is a great way to achieve it!

Are you considering a 4+1 program? Now's a great time to take the courses needed to reach senior status (93 credits) and start your graduate work. (Note: FSC 4+1 options require you to apply to your program of choice.)

Strengthen your "soft skills."
Employers not only look for candidates with technical know-how, but they also want employees with intangible qualities who can problem-solve, communicate, and work well with others.

Summer is a great time to hone these skills. Courses like COM 2270 Intercultural Communication (Gen Ed: MV, SW) and COM 3200 Persuasion (Gen Ed: SW, EC-B) can give you new insights into interpersonal dynamics and help you become a more effective communicator. These courses can also fulfill Career Path hours within the Business Administration major.

BUS 3666 Leadership Competencies gives you opportunities to flex your leadership muscles. This hands-on course will simulates leadership situations, helps you grow your abilities, and can fulfill a Business Administration major requirement or fulfill elective hours.

Learn just for fun!
Maybe you've always wanted to become more familiar with the works of Beethoven, Bach, and other famous Western composers. Well, MUS 1165 Great Works of Music (Gen Ed: FA), is your chance! Or, take an immersive look at humanity from the Neolithic revolution to the 13th century by registering for HIS 1100 The Ancient World (Gen Ed: SW, EC-B). Not only will they be fun, but they also fulfill General Education requirements or can count towards electives hours.

Register today to take advantage of summer tuition rates and the flexibility of online learning and still have time to enjoy the sunshine!