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Florida Southern students with accompanying faculty posing together for a group photo with Florida Southern College Moccasins flag on an Italy trip with a waterside city landscape in the background.

FAQ: Junior Journey

Feb 29, 2024

With our Spring Junior Journey trips taking off in the next few days and registration for Fall trips right around the corner, the Office of Student Travel is here to answer common questions about this study abroad program.

What is Junior Journey?

Junior Journey is a program offered through the Office of Student Travel as a study abroad experience. This program offers students an opportunity for intellectual and cultural growth while they earn academic credit. These trips, which faculty members and other qualified staff lead, are typically one to three weeks long, giving students a chance to see how what they are learning in the classroom can be applied in different settings.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in a Junior Journey?

To participate in the Junior Journey program, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, a clear business office and Student Accountability record, a completed Travel application, valid document submissions, and a deposit once instructed by the Office of Student Travel. Students must meet these requirements BOTH prior to signing up for the trip AND immediately before the trip's departure.

Students can participate in any Junior Journey trip. However, to use their one-time Junior Journey credit, a student who began their FSC journey as a freshman must have completed four semesters before the trip departs. Students who transferred into FSC must have completed three semesters by the time the trip departs. Students must use their Junior Journey eligibility before they graduate.

Junior Journey or Study Abroad travel must be completed before graduation.

Where can I find travel forms and a list of what I need to complete for travel?

All student travel forms can be found on the Travel tab on the Student Portal. The Student Travel Checklist lists everything you will need to submit in order to travel.

What trips are offered?

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the following semester's trips at the Student Travel Showcase held each semester. Some examples of past trips include Chile, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Japan, Latvia, Austria, Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean Cruise. Trips may vary depending on the semester and availability.

Once the showcase has passed, trips will be updated on the Office of Student Travel page and under the Travel tab on the Student Portal.

Where can I find the online registration?

Once open, registration can be found on the portal using student login credentials. From there, you may choose a trip and submit your application. Be sure to have valid documents ready to submit.

Applications are open for the following semester; students cannot apply for trips during the same semester as said trip. If you are still deciding which trip to choose, the Office of Student Travel's staff experts have all the information you need to find your perfect trip.

Can you do more than one Junior Journey?

Once you have completed a Junior Journey, you are welcome to attend another. However, you will be required to pay the entire trip cost.

When do Junior Journeys happen?

Students are able to take their trip in the Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer semester. However, it is important to note some trips are only offered during specific semesters.

What is covered on a Junior Journey?

For most trips, the cost will include full-service transportation, housing, and most meals. Faculty trip directors share detailed itineraries so you'll know which meals might not be covered. If your trip allows for personal excursions and purchases, these are at your student's own expense.

How much does it cost?

The price for a Junior Journey will depend on the trip's destination and itinerary. You can find the cost of trips on the FSC website under the Office of Student Travel.

Do you need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport if you are planning to travel outside of the U.S. Please be sure your passport is valid six months beyond the return date of your trip to avoid being denied entry into the country.

For additional questions, please get in touch with the Office of Student Travel at