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Deniqua Hewitt

Deniqua Hewitt ’27 is a Role Model Majoring in Biology and Minoring in Spanish

Aug 21, 2023

As the upcoming academic year ushers in a new wave of diverse and ambitious students, Florida Southern's Class of 2024 represents a convergence of innovation, talent, and boundless potential. This series of stories will delve into these exceptional individuals' lives, dreams, and achievements as they embark on their journey at FSC.

Setting a Good Example

As a first-generation college student, Deniqua Hewitt ’27 embraces being a role model for her two younger brothers.

"I have to be since I'm the first one in my family to make it to college," she said. "So, I have to set a good example for them."

The Franklinton, La., native ultimately wants to attend medical school and get her phlebotomy license, but first, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in Spanish at Florida Southern College.

Hewitt is majoring in biology because she loves science. Focusing on pre-med courses makes sense with aspirations of becoming a clinical molecular geneticist.

“Where I'm from, Louisiana, the language barrier is bad and I've always wanted to help people know another language,” Hewitt said.

Embracing the Campus Community

She chose Florida Southern for two reasons: help from her high school teachers and the community feel of the campus.

“My teachers were the best ever and without them I don't know where I would be now,” she said. “I found that Florida Southern felt like home and especially since I'm moving so far away, I needed something that felt like home to me.”

Hewitt hopes attending college will help her become more social as well.

She looks forward to being around students who have the same interests. She plans on being involved in campus life by joining clubs and playing intramural sports.

“I want to play volleyball,” Hewitt said. “I played in high school and I love the sport.”

She is bringing her teddy bear, Parmesan, to campus to remind her of home. Parmesan was a gift from her mom.

“I love him so much,” she said. “He's a very big bear. I cuddle with him at night.”

Hewitt also plans to use décor in her room to help her relax when she is not in class.

“It's going to be very chill,” she said.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Knowing her family’s high expectations for her, Hewitt wants to make them proud.

“I believe it's very important to attend college, not just for my brothers to see me succeed and me be a role model, but also for myself and for my education,” she said. “I also hope my kids will go to college as well, so I have to do this for them too.”

Hewitt hopes that attending Florida Southern will help her to be a better person in addition to helping her to become more educated.

“Well, it's sometimes hard and it has a lot of pressure that comes with it,” she said. “But overall, it is great as I get to see my family be very happy for my success, which I love.”