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10 Reasons To Apply Early Decision

Oct 3, 2023

Hey there, high school students, dreamers, and future changemakers! Florida Southern College is your go-to destination if you're eager to dive into college life filled with exciting opportunities, personal growth, and unforgettable moments. And guess what? Our Early Decision option is your golden ticket to make those dreams come true.

Why Apply Early Decision?

Picture this: You apply Early Decision to Florida Southern, and you'll have first-choice in everything – dorm selection, trips, and more – making your dreams a reality while addressing all your worries. Here's the scoop:

1. Early Admission Decision:
Imagine knowing you're part of the FSC family by December 15! Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a senior year bursting with excitement.

2. First Dibs on Housing:
Early Decision applicants can choose their ideal spot in our awesome residential housing, guaranteeing a cozy home away from home.

3. Move-In Perks:
Want a head start? Early Decision means moving in a day early during New Student Orientation. You'll be all settled in before the campus buzzes with new faces. Plus, your family can lend a hand!

4. Ace Class Scheduling:
Be a scheduling superstar! Early Decision students get to jump on completing the Course Preference Form, which allows you to declare your major and share your preferences for fall courses.

5. VIP Luncheon:
Get up close and personal with our campus big shots, including FSC's President and some friendly staff, over a delicious lunch at orientation. It's your chance to be part of our close-knit community.

6. Success Coach Magic:
We're all about your success! A success coach will help you navigate your academic journey and provide resources for a thriving first semester and beyond.

7. Super Support with Student Mentors:
No need to feel lost! We'll pair you up with a fellow student mentor who knows the FSC ropes and can guide you to success right from the start.

8. Jet-Set with Priority:
Love exploring? With early registration, secure your spot on Discover Florida trips, and highly sought-after Junior Journey study abroad experiences.

9. Premier Scholarship Perks:
Get ahead by applying first for our Prestige and departmental scholarships. Early Decision admission means first dibs on these fantastic opportunities.

10. Southern Select:
Be among the first to sign up for Southern Select, an exclusive on-campus event just for accepted students. Join the party with your future classmates!

Choosing FSC with Early Decision is like selecting a friendly companion for your college journey. We're here to support, enrich, and empower you every step of the way. Applying early ensures you grab every opportunity with both hands.

Ready to Dive In? Apply Now!
Early Decision is for applicants who rank Florida Southern as their first choice and want to remove the stress of the college selection process. If that’s you, start your application today »