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Meet your FSC ZeeMee Influencers

Anna Abell

When choosing the place I would attend college, I found that Florida Southern was not only the best fit when it comes to the size of the campus, I also felt that here I could grow as an individual. FSC not only had an excellent ROTC program but also had many more great areas of academics, involvement, and opportunities, plus the campus was beautiful!

Claire Winters

Being from Lakeland, I grew up going to Florida Southern. Whether it was for swim lessons, to perform at dance recitals, or to just walk around the grounds, I was already familiar the beautiful campus. When I was on my college search, I started diving in more. I knew that I wanted a school that focused on community and involvement. I was able to find just that. The teachers, faculty, and students at are always there for you and want you to succeed. I was very involved in high school and have been able to continue my involvement in school at FSC.

Ezra Cooper

Initially I was looking for schools in Florida, but what stood out to me about FSC was the amount of opportunities they gave their students. From the variety of clubs, to campus jobs, FSC is always keeping their student’s active outside of the classroom. This really pushed me to go to the school since my other choices mainly focused solely on academics, and to me having a great balance between academics and extracurriculars is what really makes the college experience memorable.

Colton Dawson

I chose FSC for a variety of reasons! Mainly the small campus size, top rated business program, and post-graduate career opportunities!

Rose Laconto

FSC had the marine program I was looking for, with incredible laboratory facilities and faculty that really want to help me succeed. There are numerous ways to stay busy and become involved. I have made so many amazing connections by being involved in Greek life, academic organizations, working on campus in the wellness center, and taking advantage of campus sponsored opportunities, such as a surfing trip to Ormond Beach! The location is perfect and the opportunities are there. FSC also offered the best financial support for my education!

Ruby Silver

When I was looking at colleges, I looked at a range of different ones throughout the country that sized anywhere from 14,000 students to just 300 students. I knew I wanted a smaller college that would allow me to have a one-on-one connection with professors, get involved on campus, and know the students within my department and other organizations. My love for FSC was solidified by my campus tour. Everyone I interacted with was so kind and outgoing. I could really see myself at home here. Florida Southern is small enough that you get to know a lot of people on a personal level while still being big enough that you'll meet someone new every day! On top of that, FSC offers plentiful opportunities to grow, learn, and lead both academically and extracurricular.

Jimmy Houle

Florida Southern College has a lot to offer, but the big thing that made me move 1500 miles from home was the campus community. Even through my admissions experience, I was amazed at how personal everything was. My admissions counselor even sent me a handwritten card when I deposited and answered all of my questions timely and in a personal manner. When I arrived at Florida Southern College, I quickly realized that this community exists in the student body, faculty, staff, and in every organization on campus! Not only do I call FSC home, I have a supportive family to go along with it!

ZeeMee Live Events


Harry Potter Trivia


Event Start: 7:00 PM

Remember when we did the poll to find out what you wanted the next trivia night to be? We can’t forget that Harry Potter was the next popular choice, so much that we’ve received private messages about it! Freshen up on your HP knowledge, put your Hogwarts hats on, and get ready for Harry Potter trivia!


Gemma (left), Holly (right) met on ZeeMee and decided to spend their summer traveling together! Find new friends now!